Thursday, November 20, 2008

ABC post

This is gonna be a everything-mixed-up post... so I call it the ABC post...

Been making a couple of stuffs these two days... Phood frenzy I guess... hopefully it will last... haha! There's just so much more to learn, never ending... Sorry if I make your stomach grumble :p

Chocolate Cupcakes
but the frosting is another recipe though :)

Roasted Chicken Leg - to be shredded for mum's sandwich but since it's so nice I mm seh tak shred it liao... :( But taste wise I belum tau lagi hehe!
(no it's not burnt you dumbo, those are thyme)

Simple coleslaw

I never fancied using bread maker to make breads, but thought of giving it a try. Using Kenwood Rapid Bake Bread Maker. Hmm, still prefer the texture of hand-knead bread.

Packed them in individual package for easier consumption :)

PWH Award 2008 is this Saturday!! I'm so nervous!! Well, wth, I'm not nominated also. Chiu. I'm nervous for Danny *wub wub* :)! For CF! *namo namo* praying super duper hard. I seriously hope they get at least one award... but, it's a competitive world out there, fair or not *heaven knows* Looking forward to Saturday!! Hopefully I get to see them they get to see me ho ho ho! Fine, I know i'm dreaming too much. Well, good luck everyone for 娱协奖! There's live telecast on Astro Jia Yu Channel 304, so for those of you who can't make it to the hill, make sure you stay in front of the tv and watch it!

988's CNY album is out in stores today! Previously they were having pre-order and sold 12000 copies already! *bravo!!* Heard the 主打歌 and it's seriously nice. Gonna get one for myself and one for my grandma. For CNY yahoo!!! But hor, xmas belum datang already CNY mood. Wth... Anybody wants to buy? I buy one shot then pass to you la :)

Doesn't the cover reminds you of a HK drama? :p (Danny, I like your scarf though :D)

Bankrupt lo bankrupt lo. Danny's OST for the local movie 林明别恋 also out. Out = have to buy. What to do... support ma ^^ Buy original! (Can I use fake money?)


sunset2712 said...

Hey hey... can I call u 'sifu' ar?????? Next time learn from... Nv baked anything before... (hhmm, except cheese baked rice) lol...

Eve Lynn said...

Haha... cannot be sifu yet la... still learning... and need to learn from you too!