Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PWH Award 2008

Back from hill top!

Well, actually back yesterday but only manage to blog now. One word for it - TIRED!

Slept only an hour before going up hill. Rolling on the bed, somehow have some bad feelings for that day. Took the bus up at 8am, didn't get to sleep cuz the sun was so blardy bright. Went and eat at Oldtown, saw quite some number of PAs, reporters, and pwh staff. Wow, they wake up so early one ar? :p Went and queue for the entrance ticket. This year, the ticket was free. They give us free seating tics first, then exchange for numbered seating on that day itself. Damn 9 angry when it was our turn. Stupid, brainless Genting staff management (I don't blame pwh, cuz those counter staff were genting staff). Waste their own time, waste our time. Blardy hell. Not gonna mention what happened.

Hang around until check in time, rest awhile (again didn't sleep), went to get tics from H2T for other people, went back, change then came out for early dinner before the red carpet starts. It was raining, and the thunder was damn LOUD. (Is it cuz we're nearer to the sky so it's louder? Ok lame) We stood near the interview stage at the end of the red carpet. CF was the first few to walk, but they weren't introduced and they walked inside the arena already :( All dressed up really nicely. I love Orange's hair and dress, everyone was gorgeous and good looking. Slurp! Hehe!

Not gonna elaborate on the award show. Pei Pei is a really good emcee. Respect. The performances were pretty good. The video was damn funny. Huang Yi Fei and KK too. The whole show was smooth, just that I felt it was kinda long. The 'almost ending' part was pretty boring. And everyone was sleepy already, cuz it was 4 hours. Honestly I was pretty disappointed at the end of the show. Danny only won 1. And CF none. Hmm, I guess reality is cruel after all. But why can't it be less of the same person winning and more people win? I mean, why can't a person win less award so that other people get a chance? I was pretty touched with Guang Liang saying he won't register for PWH anymore so that others get more chance. Well, it sounds a bit like too bossy but it was nice of him to say that. Really like the 'love and freedom' version Danny sang that night, although it was just the chorus part. And he saw us! *wub wub* He's so cute on stage.

After that, chase chase chase until post party. From one place run to another, really like sakai. All so tired and dead already. The post party was at Genting hotel coffee terrace... all look from the window, it feels a bit like seeing animals in the Zoo. lol! Waited until they leave the place. When Danny went up the bus, we keep praying 'sit this side, sit this side' but he go and sit the other side which we cannot see. After awhile he saw us and changed over this side and 'talked' to us... with sign language haha! *melts* Love his smile. Then he changed back to the other side.

Went and makan, bath then sleep. That was like 4 something already. Tired like dunno what. Sleep on the floor also slept soundly. Woke up at 9am. Get ready then head down to KL by bus at 11.30am. Went to Pavillion to see Danny hosts the Battleground Semi Finals 2. Freaking hot deyh! Cuz it was outdoor and the sun directly above. Kesian Danny samore wearing two freaking layers. Halfway through, beh tahan the sun, walk inside and have a drink. Then went out to watch again until the end. Dennis, Hao Ren and few last year's battleground participants were there too. Saw a few familiar faces and me and pk were like 'was he/she at battleground last yr?' 'he/she looks familiar' 'i saw him/her before' *chuckles* Danny asked us about yu xie. Kekeke. Mei Yan asked him 'your fans ar?' didn't expect him to answer 'supporters... my gangster' Gan dong daoooo... *wub wub*

Say bye bye to him then walked around awhile and left for dinner. It was drizzling. Went to Chong Qing at Mentari. Tried the 'ma la' steamboat. Really numb and spicy one leh. Too oily so didn't really like it. Next time eat tom yam enough la. Laughed like crazy throughout, thanks to *someone*. Really really funny. Thought of going to Look Out Point geh, but some needs to work the next day so cancel plan. Went home, bath, within one minute I fell asleep already. Only woke up at 2pm the next day. Slept for 14 hours plus :p

Thanks for all the fun for the past 2 days... Really enjoy kau kau and laugh kau kau. Hehehe.

Congrats to all pwh 08 winners! To those who didn't, more luck in pwh 2010! :) Like what KK said, not winning doesn't mean you are not good, people can see the effort that you put geh! Mwaks, love u all ;)

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