Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Magical Kagaya

Have you all heard of Kagaya art? Or seen the beautiful images of Kagaya art?

I remember first saw Kagaya arts when I was in high school. They were available in puzzle forms in various puzzle shops (even in pasar malam). I forgot which birthday was it that I was given a completed Kagaya puzzle of my horoscope as a birthday present. I still keep it with me until now.

Kagaya stands for Kagaya Yutaka, a Japanese digital artist. He is known for painting all these colourful, magical artwork. Really remarkable indeed.

There are hundreds of paintings but somehow, my favorite is this:


Every morning when Eos,
the goddess of dawn,
with the rosy fingers,
drops stars and dews on the silence, Princess Andromeda

is cleansing herself alone in the lake.

She prays,
in the water as pure and clean as she,

"May our home country be in peace."

Everything goes
quietly,deeply and moderately,
before the south-eastern wind,

I'm just so impressed with the fine arts in these designs. It speaks a thousand words. Peace, serenity, blessing, hope, dream, magical. It just calms me down looking at these pics.

Some of the artwork:

My horoscope sign ;)

Speaking of magical, Christmas reminds me of magical. Lights around the christmas tree, lights on the streets, christmas songs everywhere, santa claus, raindeers, snow, pressies and of course holidayyyyeeee! It just brightens me up thinking about Christmas. Time flies like no one's business. What's your impression on Christmas ye? *sings* Santa Claus is coming to town~~

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