Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jin Yan

A day in my life, 16th Aug 08

Dear Diary,

Today I feel like a creep. Really useless.

Supposed to wake up at 6.30am to go somewhere. End up accidentally off my alarm and woke up late! Thus resulting in someone waiting over an hour for me, without phone credit to call. Darn.

Then we went and have dim sum for breakfast in PJ. Always take breakfast, it's good for health *rolling eyes* Not super duper yummy but still acceptable. I guess for me, nothing compares to Ah Yat. They say King Crab's dim sum is nice too, yet to try.

After that we headed to 1u for shopping! Harks! We started shopping at 11am and ended at 7pm. 8 hours of walking! We walked almost the whole of 1u, the rest bought a couple of stuff, but I only bought something which is worth less than RM25! Well, it's a good thing. But there's actually a lot (A LOT!) of stuff that caught my attention. A bag, a pair of shoes, a necklace, a belt, two vests, few pants, few shirts. Must say no no to myself. Must wait till I earn my own money.

Then went to The Curve for dinner at Kim & Gary's restaurant, was darn hungry before that cuz we didn't eat lunch, but end up full till wanna puke. Maybe cuz too hungry and ate too fast.

After that, we went to Heaven cafe to listen to the singers perform cuz Miss Chong say Maymay is performing there every Saturday night. The singers today were Kaho, Maymay & Be. When we entered the cafe Be was singing an Eason song. Quite good. Then after awhile only I realize it's the Ah Be who wrote 'Cong Xin Chu Fa' for John! The performer whom I liked since the Jiayu show in Genting! His voice is darn good weh! And cute too, mwahaha. And his guitar skill yat lau deyh! Of course, Maymay's beautiful voice is undeniable. Kaho's too was not bad. He played the keyboard. Three of them were very humorous, everyone enjoyed the night, and everyone really WATCH them perform one leh, not like what I saw in previous cafes last time. Those people go for eating and not enjoying the songs.

Went home, open the door only then smelled cinnamon rolls. Yeah, mum baked cinnamon rolls by herself! FYI, my mum is not really a good baker but she did it herself. Usually she will ask me to do but, I guess she can't wait anymore. Sigh, makes me feel so damn guilty. Why do I always end up disappointing them? I mean, I didn't do it on purpose but... aih. I never seemed to ever do things without telling. AIHHHH! Must change must change.

Yummy yummy! Irresistable. I took one immediately straight after it came out from the oven. Erm, mum had some problem with the timer, so it took longer than usual to bake. And the result wasn't as expected. I guess mum was not really happy with it. Haha, like mother like daughter, we feel sad when expecting a good result and turned out the opposite. Sigh, blame me for not being at home to bake it with her. Bu hu. Creep again.

P.S. Why would u say it if you're not jealous? And why would u be jealous if i'm not good? :)


Shin Sar said...

To yourself, you might not be good. But in other people's eye, you are good.

People get jealous of you because you are better than them, in someway which you don't realise =)

elbe said...

yu hu~~~ u macam owe me a cake ho. hahahhahaha... when can i taste ur tasty cake..? :p