Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disappointing But Warm :)

170808 - Supposed to be a meaningful day. The number 17, my lucky number. The day Chong Wei vs Lin Dan in Olympics badminton. The last day of the week. The day of his last promo (Sarawak we cant go mah, so consider this as last promo lo :p). The day we supposed to have fun.

4 of us went BP. Took our own sweet time to leave kl, say wanna leave at 3pm mana tau slumber go here go there :p Was too tired, slept in the car after leading CSH to the highway. Take our time sip coffee at R&R. Geng dao. Thus, we reach BP late. Everyone panicked when seeing the clock strike 8pm and we don't even know where we are.

Reach BP mall at 8.10pm, pass by the entrance and he's already singing! Ma der, normally also never see them so punctual, when we're late they so punctual pulak. Faster park the car, but desperately need to pee so went toilet. Reach the stage he was already singing half of the 2nd song - Siapa. Talk talk, games, sing last song Say Goodbye then autograph, the end. We were like, huh? It's only 8.30pm! Waited for him near their car, aiya muka tebal sikit ask for photo la, so took a group photo and they left. Wah, I think we broke record. Shortest promo ever, and shortest time seeing him in one day. Why? Drove 7 hours to see him for 15 mins. Wow. Fantastic. Fine, our fault, we're late. But all rushing off to watch badminton finals. Aih, we also din get to watch, although we know where they're going, but we're civilized people. So we went WKCCT to makan and chit chat.

CSY had to stay in BP for work so we waited for her colleague to come and fetch her b4 we leave for KL. Hmm, overall it's actually a nice bonding trip. We talked about a lot of stuff. Laughed and joked about everything. Hehe. Someone camwhored like mad. Someone scolded me for the first time. Lol!

Sorry ah moi, I really like this pic... Be grateful you're a model on my blog :p

On the way back, an unknown number called so I answered:
"Hello cik, cik punya kereta sudah ambil ya? Itu visitor parking kertas kat cik ya?"
(I parked at the condo CSH/CSY stays, visitors have to display the visitor paper thingy)
"Oh, saya sekarang sedang balik dari BP, nak sampai dah."
"Lain kali cik, itu kertas kena pulang security tau"
(WTF, I haven't even leave the condo)
"Saya belum balik, kereta saya masih kat sana"
"Sekarang dah pukul berapa cik? Cik parking dari pukul 2 petang tau. Cik tak ambil overnight visitor parking ke?"
"Overnight visitor? Saya tak tau woh."
"Sekarang kereta cik sudah kena clamp. Kena bayar RM80 untuk buka clamp."
"Tapi saya tak tau tentang apa overnight visitor"
"Itu bukan kesalahan saya. Sekarang cik kena bayar baru kami buka clamp"
(KNNCCB! Damn 7 rude lor the way he talk! Phart phace)

How the hell I know got separate visitor and overnight visitor woh. Usually only one type of visitor pass ge mah. Deng! Samore have to speak until so rude. Too bad I didn't take down his name ah, if not, port kau him ah!

Went back, rupanya he is the 'head' of security. He dunno sesat where and have to wait for him to go back the guard house. Samore in front of me loudly say to the staff 'Sekarang sudah pukul berapa? Dia sudah park lebih 12 jam tau! Saya tak peduli, dia kena bayar lah!" Grrr! Wanna talk cannot talk to me ar? Scold the staff for what? DLGF!

Phiuuu, RM80 fly away liao. Speaking of that hor, samore dowan to open receipt for me oh! Say takde resit. Slap kau him ah. If not receipt i sure won't pay lo. Nanti they take my money go eat steamboat how? Deng. Samore the face so LCLY. Nvm, money can untung balik.

PS: CSH and CSY, I never blame you two ok. It's no one's fault :)

- Someday everything will all make perfect sense, so for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason :)

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