Thursday, August 28, 2008

Again and again


It's raining. Again! For the 7th day now. Yes, throughout the past 7 days it's been rainy days. At 6pm just now it caused flash floods and at 2am it's still drizzling. And now, 5am it's raining heavily again! Hmm, why is Grandpa Sky so sad about? Why is He crying?

Just gonna crap about what I did for the past week... since I have nothing to blog about...

Went for Ah Yat Dim Sum for brunch on Sat. Supposingly is to bring my grandpa for dim sum but he last minute don't want to go pulak. Ish. Anyway, went with my baby. So long never eat together with baby already. Yum yum, still can't find any dim sum which beats Ah Yat's. No i'm not rich ok. Ah Yat's dim sum got 50% off Mon - Sat one.

Went home. Baked a cake for someone. Something to cheer that someone up. But end up other someones ate all. Oops. Paiseh. Attempted to make 'resipi rahsia' style Choc Banana thus the result below. Sigh, need to improve my deco skill. And time management. Lot more to learn, gal!

CY came down to KL last weekend. Had a very relaxing weekend with her. Laughed a lot, joked a lot, gossip a lot.. Heehee. If only she could stay until we go Bangkok. Wahseh. Die. Everyday she will ask me to go a particular somewhere.

It's been half a year since I last ate this. Yum yum! I want the buffet one. Wua~~

Someone wrote this and it sort of cheered me up, even though it's not meant for me:
doesnt matter if u're talented or not talented in music, wat matter most is you know how 2 make part of yr life and enjoy it!

Currently addicted to:
- Sempurna by Andra & The Backbone
- Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Jefferson Starship
- What About Now by Daughtry

5.39am. Signing off.

~ Nothing is impossible but is it worth it hoping for the impossible?


chunyiun said...

Urm...its okie...u suppose to make the cake for me one rt? I know geh..but the other someoneS ate it all..related its okie one la..Ho ho ho...makan on behalf ma..:P:P...

Anyway, if i were to stay until we go Bangkok..i dunno wat will happen to us..urm..most prob put on weight and become fei pohS, get lung cancer very soon...and u might get urm..wat does beer do anyway??

I miss u already..sighh...i wanna go to that certain somewhere...E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y ! ! !

Eve Lynn said...

I make the cake for another someone one worr... Bringing you to somewhere already cheer u up what.

Chiu, u also never drink beer what you scared? Ya lung will be congested.

You miss me or miss someoneS else?

Shin Sar said...

WHEEEeeeeeeeeeeeee, I know who's that 'another someone'. That someone love the forest, tree and sakai very much one. HEHEEHhehee... And this someone is getting fatter and fatter ady. Oh GOSH!!!!

Thank you for that 'something' hehehe..