Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There's still kind hearted human in this world~

Those of you who's laughing at my post title, stop laughing! :p

Busy busy weekend... busy busy sunday... 3 events in one day... haha, those of you from my college must be scolding me so free go events while people all busy doing dissertation... hehehe... It's entertainment ok... stress ah~ :p

Daniel had a cookie baking (more of a cookie piping) session in Subang Carrefour at 11.30am. Was doubting to go or not but I went for some reason but end up being a bit disappointed. Anyhow, Daniel was dressed in white tee and a red and white jacket on top. Nice :) He had fun piping the cookies. I was like 1 meter away from him. Gosh, rarely I get to stand so near and see him.

Then we went to Uncle Lim's to have lunch and walked back to Carrefour side and saw the 988 road cruisers. So stayed and played awhile. It was damn funny. Jimmy zai Jimmy zai. Kakaka!

After that I rush to Summit for the Quan Nan Ban's promo. The album is supposed to release today (28th) but you get to buy it earlier on that Sunday. Pei Jie *wub*, Joseph, Michael, Wayne, Dylan and Richard was there. All but the two siu yeh (Danny One and Eric Lim). Gosh, I'm liking Pei Jie more and more. His voice is so damn powerful. Although the sound system sucks, but his voice is so clear! He looks like he put on weight though. And his smile... lum sei. And he hosted the event! Multi tasking ;)

Clockwise from top left: Dylan, Richard, Joseph, Wayne, Michael, I.C.E. Kids, Pei Jie *wub*

Their album is selling at RM25, free poster. 13 tracks including songs like Siapa by Danny, Xue Jie by Dylan, Qing Ge by Eric Lim, the Quan Nan Ban theme song "You Ni De Tian Tang" (Heaven That's Got You), QNB Junior theme song "Tian Shi De Sheng Yin" (Angel's Voice) etc. Quite a touching album I would say. Worth it. Actually, looking at their effort, I know it's quite tough to survive in this competitive music industry. Sigh, just hoping the best for them.

1st February (1PM) will be their launching ceremony at Sungai Wang. All 8 of them in Quan Nan Ban will be there!!! So if you're free, come over and give them some support ya! Pweaseeee! :) Can get their album and get it signed too!

After that, rush over to 'Cow Car Water' for a CNY concert. It started at 7.30pm with some games. Giving out 5 LCD Plasma TV weh fuiyoh! Danny was the 1st to perform then Quan Nan Ban junior was the second. We thought 'good lah, after they perform then can leave', not really interested to see the others. Mana tau si beh suiii one loh the sky, when Danny come out it rained!! And those people in front start taking out their umbrellas! I can't even see a single thing! And the rain got heavier and heavier. I was soaking wet from left to right, from inside out :p Well, even though he didn't see us but at least he saw the boards :) But I didn't get to see Pei jie :( Went to mamak after that and waited until the ending. But Danny left early already!

What's more interesting is what happened next. Hahhaha I told so many people about it. Sot jor. Longggggg story. Cut the story short - a taxi double parked and my car couldn't go out. Waited half an hour then only realize the taxi's windscreen got the driver's mobile number (kns ccb). I parked near a condo so the driver live upstairs and was sleeping. Knn. Called and waited for him to come down. While waiting, a leng chai who was yum cha-ing (unfortunately with a girl) at the mamak nearby came over and asked 'yiu mm yiu ngo bong lei reverse ah?' (Actually I know he kept looking over lah, maybe he was thinking 'so stupid one this girl, slowly reverse mah can go out loh') My first thought was 'leng chai lei hou leng chai ah' kekeke! I rejected and thanked him. (Should have let him reverse and ask for his name, bodoh) Kakaka nvm la fated la. Sigh. Fanny said 'rupanya this world still got nice people one' ;) (samore so leng chai)

It's true lah. Seldom you can find kind hearted people nowadays. Even if they're nice to you, you will doubt whether are they trying to rob you or something. What say a leng cai one... kekekeke! Ookok, stop being gatal... good night :)

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~chingky~ said...

aiyer eve eve naik miang ar!! =P hahah tak pe la..as long as u noe dat in this world there are nice ppl..jus dat we seldom find them!! & the best part 4 u is dat he is leng chai!! muahahah!! should haf curi-curi taken his pic la!! ;P hahah!! okok even worse case!!