Saturday, January 12, 2008


I guess I'm not strong-willed enough to make my resolution come true...
Instead of cutting down on phood, i seemed to be eating more!
Endless cravings within me. Hou crave em crave, crave for high carbo phood samore! Deng~
Really must stop dee. Say TAK NAK to carbo! Waa~~ I wanna be healthy and thin!

Okay, I'm supposed to be happy about it.
But I'm not! I should be but I didn't! I'm sick of it!
Instead, I'm annoyed with it. Well, not really annoyed, just a bit.
What's wrong with me!

In reality, people are all materialistic... What differs is only the degree of 'materialistic-ness'.
In reality, people are bias... Pilih kasih... Guys only care for pretty, slim girls... Who cares if your best friend is the friendliest girl in the world if she's ugly. People have intentions in their heart when they befriend you. Only when they want something from you, they'll be SUPER nice to you. For fcuks they care if you died centuries ago when you mean nothing to them.
Sorry, just wanna release my anger. This paragraph is just saying about particularly SOMEONE. Someone who's I'm sure not reading my blog. So, it's not talking about you k?
~ Wake up Eve, face the reality you dumbo, you're ugly and fat and you have zero value~


Loo said...

Zero value ? I doubt that Mrs Eevee. I can definitely vouch that u DON'T have zero value. Don't forget that.

layleng said...

Absolutely agree!!!!!!!! Why this world can be so realistic :( "when they want something from you, they'll be SUPER nice to you."

Shin Sar said...
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Shin Sar said...

Uh... I sense anger.. and anger and more anger!!!

Chill!! Chill!!

You want more chili? Hehe. Just kidding.

#MBC hai ngor hai ngor..wan tai tim tai tou hai ngor...#

Eve Lynn said...

SQ: Thanks for comforting ;) I miss you. How are you there?

Dumpling: Agree hor? Especially at WORK.

Hutan: Yes I have a lot of 'enger' in me. Speaking of chili, i miss chilicandy :(