Monday, January 14, 2008

So called Tea Time @ Canton-I, 1U

Saw masak-masak's post on this shop not too long ago. Was at 1u having lunch with my friends. They went for a movie and so ngam bump into another Sakai team member - a fish! She wanted something soupy so I thought of this place and gave it a try.

I was NOT HUNGRY but looking at the menu makes my stomach drums. Fish ordered wantan noodles soup and I ordered just plain wantan. Very fresh prawns and meaty. But ssssssslightly too salty. After reading masak2's blog I expected really huge wantans. Disappointed. I still can gulp it down in one mouth =_=" RM10.80++

Looks like Mummy-I just gave birth. First was Dragon-I, now it's Canton-I! They're owned by same group of people lah~ Menu also have similar drinks and desserts.

My drink cum dessert - Mixed Fruit in Sago Cream with Pearls (well, not the real pearls, the flour black pearls =_=") It's refreshing. Got honeydew, mango, watermelon, dragon fruit. RM10++

Canton-I's jiu-pai egg tarts. I love this type of egg tarts... Flaky pastry with smooth egg custard. Yum. Two egg tarts for RM3++

What really caught my eye was this... and what makes me so eager to post about this was this too...

Ta daa~~~

Both of us went like 'OMG!!!!! SoooooOoOo Cuteeee!' Cute hor cute hor? I don't have to say what it resembles right? But it's red bean paste inside... Dao sa bao. However, taste wise was ok only. The pau dough was a bit too thick and quite tough. RM6++

Non Halal. Weekdays open from 11.00am - 10.00pm. Weekends and PH open from 10.30am - 10.00pm.

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