Thursday, January 24, 2008


Sorry for the long disappearance from updating my blog... my laptop had to be hospitalized for a couple of weeks to have a major operation. The doctor has gone for a long holiday and I seriously don't know how much is the 'surgery fee'. Shucks. The nurses are taking care of it. Hopefully they feed it well and are giving it a lot of TLC. Sigh~

Didn't really bothered to update my blog since I'm using my mum's comp and didn't have the mood to do so too even though I still online almost everyday. Let me see, what happened in the past week... Erm I was sick on Friday (headache and fever - thanks to Voo and Thinesh) still I had to go KLCC to conduct my survey. End up only gave out 3 becuz it was freaking busy there cuz it was the first day of sales in Isetan. My sakai member Pokok was down in KL to attend a very special gathering with my master. It was a very close gathering I would say. More of a friends gathering and I had fun! He looks really good. My master lost weight and he looks good when he's dressed casually :) It was a fun and relaxing 2 nights trip.

Went to different different outlets this week cuz I was scheduled so. Tried a lot of food this week - Alexis (expensive and portion so so), Tony Romas (love their chicken club salad & choc avalanche), Dai Cheong Gum (ok only). Still got loads of cafes in my mind - Cafe Cafe, Yogitree, Cova, Paddington Pancake etc. So many food, so little time, and so little money.

Nike is coming out with so many new stuff! The white 'rat' jacket is darn chunted! The white shoe with gold tick! The red dress jacket! The pants! Spotted an 'empress singlet' at Esprit. Shoes at Momoe! ODM watch! Arghhh... craving to shop. Craving to buy. But no money sob sob.

Nearly got into an argument with my mum the other day which made me think. She was telling me about a way of muffin making she watched on AFC was to freeze the batter and microwave it when defrosted. I who have something against microwaving food to cook it of course objected. And she started nagging me that it's all about trying and if I think it's a tough work in this line I can quit. It got on my nerves. Of course I know it's all about trying! Of course I know it's not an easy job in this line! Of course I know we have to try various recipes to get what we like! Of course I know! If not, why the hell am I studying this course? Do you think it's just for the sake of dumping your money into the big sea? Do you think I don't enjoy cooking, trying and attempting various recipes? Do you think I don't want to know how to cook anything and everything? Arghhh! Moronic.

I'm getting disappointed with everything more and more. THe country is not safe anymore. People are not protected anymore. People are kidnapped, robbed, raped, killed, bombed everyday. Babies are thrown. Kids are abused. Women are harrassed. Hutan was right. It's too much publicity. Sharlinie is still not found yet. But people are just making a big hoo hah out of it. God knows if she's still alive. Perhaps she might be, but seeing all this hoo hahs, the kidnapper might just end her life for the fun of it. Worse, the family hired 50 bomohs to predict where she is, and all said she's still alive and will be found within a week. For God's sake, upon seeing this, the kidnapper might kill her just to make sure the predictions are not right! But why is the world turning this way? Why are we leaning towards cruelty?!? The kids are innocent. Just let them go. Whats so nice about torturing people this way? Why must you make people sad and hurt? Please don't break the law and do cruel stuff like that. I'm sure there's other ways to solve problems. Sigh~~~

Chinese New Year is coming! Woo hoo! I would say that I'm much more excited about this year's CNY compared to last year's. Even though the hyperness is fading year by year as we grow up. Some even tend to leave the country during CNY for holiday in overseas. Looking forward to house hopping, ang pow collecting, food eating, family gathering, chit chatting and gambling! hehehe!


hyin said...

for you....

chunyiun said...

Wei Sakai..good to see dat u finally updated ur blog...Muahaha...

I actually kinda forgot i was in KL last weekend..>.<"...but yeah, it was was worth it horr...and the Fish Head Beehoon is yummy yummy..

Anyway, pls get ur laptop back soon...i very "fan" ah...:(

chunyiun said...
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