Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Genting Trip 2008

Went up to Genting yesterday for the Jia Yu Ying Chun Ji Lek show. Got a lot of local and HK artistes such as Ah Lek (Chan Bak Cheong), Rocky, Gou Hou Jing, Hong Cheok Lap, Zhong Xu Man, EO2, Sun Boy'z, Danny, Daniel, Kwok Fai, Quan Nan Ban Junior, Andrew etc.

I only enjoyed half of the show. Overall it was okay. Of course I enjoy the local artistes performances. But the male HK artistes are damn yeng and leng chai ok! And there's this crew who's damn tall and yeng weh!

I had more fun chasing the stars after the show. Eric from EO2 recognize Teng and what a funny phrase he said. Pei Jie waved to me when he was on the bus. Wah, lum sei. Fai siu, Daniel, Danny... kekeke... After that we went makan at Old Town opposite Arena Of Stars. It's open 24 hours. So cool. Then all went back and rest. So tired. But we end up watching 'Dead Or Alive (DOA)' until 4am. Wake up at 9am. By the time we go down to where the stars stay, they all went down to KL already. So we went makan and left back to KL. This time we took the bus from the First World bus station. Ok wor. RM5.05 but only stop at Pekeliling lah. No need so ma fan walk to the Cable Car.

Came back and slept from 6pm - 8pm. Watched the WLT Drama Awards 2007. Danny had a small dancing part with Sharlin and Racken Force representing Battleground. Keke. Well, these 3 days he will have opportunities to mingle with Hong Kong celebs. Which is good for him to expose himself :) But I expected him to sing 'love and freedom' or 'wai hor xiong tai dor' yesterday. But he end up singing 'wanna dance with you'. Too bad.

Busy day for me tomorrow. Gotta go Subang and Ara Damansara. Hehe. 1 more week to deadline. Doomed!

Thanks for all the fun in Genting gals! I enjoyed it!

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