Monday, January 14, 2008

Craved For Long Time , Lum Mee @ Taman Yu Lek, Cheras

The other day was on a makan trip with some Sakai team members - a forest (SS), a kipas (Fanny) and a fillet (YR) =_=" Shall intro my other team members some day soon :)

First stop, a place that I visit quite often last time. A place I go with my parents and grandparents. My parents love it, my grandparents love it, even I adore it. So, I don't think it will be a disappointing trip there.

This Lum Mee and Yong Tao Fu shop is a corner lot at Jalan Kas Kas. If you come from Connaught, turn up the left upslope road heading towards Pusat Bandaraya and Leisure Mall, after you pass Leisure Mall, keep left and go down the road to the roundabout. Take a 9 o clock and you'll come to a traffic light under a overhead highway. Turn right at the traffic light and you will see a dim sum shop on your left (if i'm not mistaken) and CIMB on your right. Then you'll see a petrol station. BHP I think. Go straight until the end of the road and that's Jalan Kas Kas. The shop is on your right. I forgot to take down the name though.

Lunch hours are usually crowded with people and you have to wait about 20 - 30 minutes for your food. They will give you a piece of yong tao fu items you can choose and order and they'll take the lum mee and drinks order from you. Thich black gravy with juicy prawns and loads of chicken meat and big thick yellow noodles. Yum yum. You can choose mihun or kuey teow too. Or mix. :) Their 'kat jai shuin mui' is nice.

Besides, there's also a rojak stall outside the shop where if you are too hungry to wait, you can always bite on these mixture of fruits first :) I always buy one when I'm there. RM3.50 for a regular pack. Just tell them if you're ta pao-ing or having it there. If eating there, they'll slice open the plastic bag for the ease of you eating. But you have to carry it to the table yourself la :)

4 of us had a lum mee each and about 7 pieces of yong tau fu each cost us about RM40 plus.

Non halal.

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