Sunday, March 01, 2009

Tor+ is *lub*

I seriously don't know how or why I would fall so deeply for a guy like him. But, he just amuses me. His fingers running on the piano keys like he's born knowing how to play. Well, he started playing since three, what do you expect? :D

Who am I talking about? Tor+!!! *wub wub wub* My new idol. No, I still love Danny with all my heart. But I've always like artistes who plays the piano. And Tor+ is the best I've known so far. I only knew about him last year, when he won the MTV Asia Awards 2008 Fave Thai Artiste, and when Danell went over to Bangkok to interview him. Then, just recently I saw his video clips, and oh gosh, I am so in lurve with 'rak ter'!

So last week he was over here for his album promo. (Yeah this blog post is kinda delayed) Yippee! Unfortunately it was a promo for his Malaysia Edition of "Piano & I" and not his latest album :( I heard his latest album Munk? online, and it's really a great album!

So coincidentally, as Tor+ is from Sony Music, Danell decided to venture into hosting and became Tor's promo emcee! 2 in one hehe!

Ok, people must be wondering why is there a plus sign on his name right? Well, the plus sign is an intonation, so it's actually pronounced as the 2nd sound in Chinese. So cute! *wub* Rupa rupanya his dad is a Chinese! He speaks a little Mandarin, and is learning at the moment. And he has a Chinese name! Lol! 马盛甲 *wub wub*

Is he looking at me?? Is he? :p

Oklah, he's just my current craze at the moment. Kinda regret never join the game at his promo that day. I knew all the answers. I can even sing almost the whole song of rak ter dy. Hehe! SS-nya. He's just fantastic lah. Give him some keynotes and he can compose a whole song out of it. And his English is near perfect :) Too bad he says he likes girl who don't know music at all :( Can I pretend not to? Lol! And he's so shy! But his smile is charming! Especially when he smiles timidly :p

Ok, I'm praising him too much. But Tor+ = LOVE. He's fantastic. Hope he comes to Malaysia soon. Super super soon.

His Malaysia Edition: Piano & I. Piano & I is actually his first solo album. It's all instrumental songs with the piano (duh). With three bonus tracks.


Shin Sar said...

I thought the + sign represent the 3rd sound in Chinese, if I remember correctly la..

layleng said...

Is 3rd sound lo :) haha! Rak Ter is SO NICEEEE!!

Eve Lynn said...

Yeah he said is the third sound... But in actual everyone is pronouncing it as the second sound... Third sound sounds weird...

Jenny said...

Actually the + sign comes from his Thai name spelling โต๋ . Thank you Malaysian Fan for supporting Tor+.