Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tor+ Saksit - Mung?

Parents went Hatyai last weekend, 'tumpang' them to buy CDs for me. They manage to buy Tor's latest cd 'Mung?' for me! Yippeeeeee!!!

I love every single song in it! There's the usual Thai pop, Tor+'s style of love songs, and in this album he attempted rock and jazz! Amazingly, it's good! Gosh, this makes me love him even more. He looks so good here!

Now left his previous 'Living In C Major' to find!

'Mung?' (Perhaps?) Track Listing: (Source: darathai)
[Released 21.10.2008)

1. มั้ง? / Mung? (Perhaps?) (1st single)
2. interlude
3. ไม่อยากรู้ / Mai Yahk Roo (I Don’t Want to Know) (2nd single)
4. เพลงของหัวใจ / Pleng Kong Hua Jai (Song From the Heart) (4th single)
5. เปิดประตูหัวใจ / Pbert Pbradtoo Hua Jai (Open the Door of Your Heart)
6. ไม่รู้จริงๆ / Mai Roo Jing Jing (I Really Don’t Know)
7. โอ๊ะ โอ / Oh Oh (3rd single)
8. รักนิดๆ / Ruk Nit Nit (A Little Lovin’)
9. เพราะความรักแท้ๆ / Pror Kwahm Ruk Tae Tae (Because of True Love)
10. เพลงที่เขียนไม่จบ / Pleng Tee Kian Mai Job (The Song I Wrote Doesn’t End)
11. เล่นดนตรี(ยังจะง่ายกว่า) / Len Don Dtree (Yung Ja Ngai Gwah) ((Playing Music [Is Still Easier]))

Saw some clips on his Valentine's Day Concert 2009 on Youtube. 13 parts! I saw the 1st clip only and I already feel it's damn good. The amount of people and how they sing along with him. Wow. Shall wait for the dvd. Yippee!!!

See how the piano medley matches the pictures on the lcd screen. Amazing. Search the other 12 parts yourself. Awwww.... Tor *wub* When will I see you again? Sigh!

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