Monday, March 23, 2009

Too late

A piece of advice: Show your love to your loved ones as much as you can before it's too late, even if you have to sacrifice.

This is just damn fcuking true. I wish everything is just a dream, a nightmare. I hope I can wake up from it and realize everything is not real. I don't want this to end this way, it's just not time yet.

People tend to put things on hold, thinking that there's still tomorrow. Today you couldn't wake up for Sunday breakfast with your grandpa, thinking there's always the following week, the next thing you know you no longer can go for Sunday breakfast with him. On CNY you thought of taking a family photo with everyone since they're all back but missed the chance, thinking there's always next year, the next thing you know, the chance will always be missed. You thought of treating your grandpa for a luxurious meal upon receiving your first salary, only to know he's gone a week before you start work. You hear your dad talking on the phone with your grandpa asking him out for dinner, the next thing you know, he's not here anymore. You made cinnamon rolls for him, the next thing you know, he don't have the chance to eat it. The fears in me when I went to the hospital previously came true. Too soon to be true.

I wish I can cook more often for him. He loves eating the bread I made. He never complained if the food is not nice to eat. I wish I can go for breakfast with him every Sunday. He loved each of his grandchildren to bits, he always ask us to go gain more knowledge, travel more, study Chinese, be good and wise.

Yeh yeh, I miss you already. R.I.P. I'll be good and make you proud. IMYVVM.


soohui said...

yea...he loves make him proud!!
you can do it!!

Gothic Butterfly said...

-hugs!!- do take care!!