Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Iswak 2: The End

ISWAK2 made me kill a lot of trees. Especially the last episode.
Yeah, call me a slow-mo. I just finished watching.
The last episode is so, so, so, so, the kns which makes people cry non stop.
I seriously cried non stop, with a blocked nose, bloated eyes and liters of tears.
One down, few more dramas to go. I feel so guilty for keeping these dramas for so long because they belonged to my friends. Hehe. Oopsie.

Hmm, at least these dramas keep my mind from thinking all kinds of craps.
Again, all sorts of 'i think', 'if' and 'what if' questions bloom like mushrooms after the rain.
I wonder why are we are so 'creative' when it comes to all these bullsh*ts and not during brainstorming sessions.
Curiosity kills. It's intolerant. Yet it's unavoidable. Comparisons too.
I just don't know why I have all these feelings of hatred inside of me.
Ok, hatred is too strong to be used. Dislike? Uncomfortable? Annoyed?
Or perhaps, it's jealousy?
I don't know.
I underestimated the varieties of human behavior, personality and attitude in this world.
Hmm, I don't have to compare the world. Just compare the range of KL is enough.
I guess I put too much hope in others to be as good normal as me.
How interesting life is.
And I'm sure, more to come.

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