Friday, March 07, 2008

Thank God! I'm Done!

I'm sure you guys are quite bored of seeing all my previous emo posts about my worries in my dissertation. I wasn't able to submit it on time and I only submitted it 10 days later. Rushing it like hell without sleeping for 2 days 1 night. Thought of passing it up with the next batch but was informed have to pay RM800 because it's considered a re-sit. (Already so rich still want to eat ppl's money) Of course, being the kiamsiap me sure rather rush than to pay lah (My lecturer advice me it's not worth it too anyway) And, I risk the chance of failing because 20% of my total marks will be deducted. Farks. 20% is A LOT ok! (Ish, regret now also no use)

Yesterday was my oral defense to present my dissertation. The scariest, longest and last presentation of my entire education life. Didn't sleep well the previous night because I seriously am worried to death. Went in at 4.15pm and was in there for almost 1 whole blardy hour. I was like 'and then... uhh... then... uhh... sorry... uhh' 2 juries staring at you talking. Thank god they were only lecturers (but still, they were strict!). There were supposed to be external juries meaning high rank managers from the hotel industry but didn't see any. Comment was OHKAY but I was still scared cuz I might fail even though my presentation was OHKAY. Well, at least everything is OVER!

Went out the whole day today with some friends. Haha, I think I explored KL today more than in my 20 years of life. Went to Lake Garden, and now only I know the locations for Planetarium, Memorial Tun Abdul Razak, Tugu Negara, Bird Park, Butterfly Farm all :p Well, I went before but it was when I was like in kindergarten ok! Went to KL then Kajang then Cheras then Subang then Cheras then Subang then back home! Someone said I have baby face and looks like an SPM student! Wakakaka! Thanks *someone* for the compliment. I'm so proud. First time in my life someone say I look younger than my age. Because usually people will say I look old =_="

The announcement of passing students was said to be out today. But I don't have the courage to go check it out at college. I told Nicholle 'if I pass, call me. If I fail don't call me.' She said: "So I purposely will not call you lah." Ma de~ Halfway through dinner got sms. "Shyt. Namo namo namo, please say I pass please say I pass. *Flip open my phone* Ma de~~ It was Ivy." Zha dou. 10 minutes later another sms came. "Namo namo namo" *Flip open phone* NA MO OMI TO FO! Passed!!! Wahoo!!! Thank god!!!

From now on, I'm a full time 'floor measurer'. So any of you want teman to go out just call me at 012-3456789 muahaha! Not!! You guys know my number :) I have tonnes to do before I find
a job permanently. Enjoy kau kau first!

Tomorrow will be the result announcement as in announcing our grades. Not expecting good grades this time. I'll just enjoy the few hours tomorrow with all my friends. I guess it will be the last time I'll see some of them. I just hope I won't use up all my tissues. And take loads and loads of pics!!! Will blog about tomorrow.. well, tomorrow! Nyahaha!


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Monkey said...

laugh til so evil one u... hahaha... if u go 'dere' den call me k.. got events oso cal me.. haha.. thank u thank u thank u