Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Dream House~

These few days have been going out quite often... Of course, I can't stay at home. If not i'll suffer from depression. Last Saturday I was at home the whole day, watched Lydia Sum's Memorial Service and cried until can fill up 1 cup of tears. At night realize my mum cried too watching it wakaka! At night dunno what happened but suddenly felt so 'lost', talked to a friend about it and started crying and crying before I sleep. Aih. I have no idea what to do next. Lost the determination to work hard. I guess when everyone's a senior manager or director in 5 years time, I'm only a dish washer or something. Wu~ wu~ wu~ I'm like a sand in this industry who knows nothing and dumb and blur and slow. How to find job? No interest in managerial posts but don't want to work such a hectic life in operational depts. (Ma der~ so yim jim how to find job?) Perhaps I shall consider working in Australia hahaha. Anybody got jobs to recommend? In the hospitality line? Sigh! Anybody know any 'dai lap yeh' in this line that I can seduce? I mean, err... be introduced to =p

My uncle from Singapore came over and went out for dinner with him. He and his family are staying at my aunty-in-law's niece's house in Damansara Indah Resort Homes. Wo de ma! It's really like a resort deyh! She and her husband bought the land and design and build the house by themselves. Nature concept using timbers. The house has two BLOCKS - one for the family, one for the guests. Has a SWIMMING POOL, GYM ROOM, ART ROOM, SNOOKER ROOM, LIBRARY ROOM, HUGE FIELD, 5 BED ROOMS which looks like HOTEL ROOMS with personal toilets, plasma tv and mini bar!!! 4.2 mil. I find it cheap though... But they save on the timbers cuz the husband works at a timber company. But they're good quality woods and blardy nice decors.

The entrance to the house. The house is digital password protected, you need to key in the passwords to get in the house and the different blocks.

Surrounded by trees and a lovely fish pond INSIDE the house

As you can see there are two BLOCKS - left is the family block, right is the guests block. In the center separated by greeneries and a swimming pool (hidden in this pic) and behind you can see whole grass field *pengsan*

TV 'hall' for the family

Nice interior using wood

Art & Music Room

Gym Room (Only 2 machines but still...it's a room!)

Library cum study room

Wua~~ I want my house to be like that! I want to 'ga gor yau chin yan'!!!!!

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