Monday, March 17, 2008


Ever wonder how fast time flies?

Am reading the book "Where Rainbows End" by Cecilia Ahern and I have to say it made me think a lot about what's life, what's important in life and how things can make a difference in life.
It only seemed like yesterday that I was a specky, "square head" girl in primary school not even have to think of what the future holds. Now, I'm "not a girl, not yet a woman" who is on the way earning my own money to survive in this materialistic world.

Haha, don't know what made me so crappy today. But I've been thinking a lot about the past recently. No it's not that I don't appreciate the present and future, but sometimes it's good to just relax and remember what you've done in the past. Seriously, a good old diary really helps :)

I miss the times daddy & mommy hold me tight and sing lullaby to me.
I miss the times I can celebrate my birthdays in kindergarten with cartoon cakes.
I miss the times playing masak-masak, acting like a real chef. Five stones too, remember? :)
I miss the times the bunch of us sitting at table 76A at the canteen, eating curry mee at only 50 cents.
I miss the times of i-don't-want-to-friend-you and spreading news to each class about XXX liking YYY.
I miss the times of writing letters to friends even though we sit next to each other, sitting in a group gossiping when no teacher comes in, acting like BSB or Westlife singing "I want it that way" or "Flying Without Wings".
I miss the times I have backwood, camps, campfires during scouting.
I miss how we feared for SPM like death and thinking back now, it's a piece of cake and feels it's so not important in life.
I miss kitchen classes in college even though we cut 3 fingers in 1 day, have to turn whole pot of potatoes into equal sizes and risk being thrown pots and pans by the lecturer (nah, just joking! But the finger story is true!)
I miss how day by day friendships and teamworks bloom, be it with friends or lecturers, and the satisfaction we have after we succeeded in a function or exams :)
I miss the times we fixed the same colour of clothing to wear for classes.
I miss the times we go for events, even though seeing the same singer for 3 days in a row, singing the same songs and still screaming for him like mad.

Looking at it, things won't be that memorable if it wasn't for the people that you share all these moments with. I thank God for giving such wonderful friends and family in my life. And thank God for the invention of cameras and pictures. At least I have a clear picture of all the wonderful times I had.

If you hadn't realized, it's the 17th today! Gosh, time seriously flies. It's already going to be April! Sorry, I always have something for the number '17'.
2 more months it's HER birthday.
4 more months it's HIS birthday.
6 more months it's MY birthday! Mwahahahhahhaha!

PS: The above statement has no intention to hurt anyone else's feelings whom I did not mention. It just so happened that your birthday is not on the 17th! Blek!

~ Cheers.
(Sobz, it's been 1 month and 16 days since I last talk to him.)

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