Saturday, March 01, 2008

Second Concert in 5 days - Backstreet's Back

If comparing Westlife and BSB, I am a bigger fan of Westlife. But when I knew that BSB was coming for concert, I instantly agreed to go. Therefore, 27th Feb 2008, I went for Backstreet Boys' Unbreakable World Tour Concert 2008 in Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach.

I only made my way to the venue at 5.30pm, halfway on NPE, 'tak tak tak tak' oh shyt, it started to rain heavily. Great. Upon reaching the entrance, there were a lot of people queuing up already. Darn, maybe because too long never so 'kiasu' to queue with crowded people dy, so feel damn uneasy and uncomfortable. And no offence to those who went, but erm, I don't know SOME of them go for concert or fashion/make up show... And the things SOME of them talk about, *bang wall*.

Gate was supposed to open at 7 or 7.30pm, but we waited until 8.10pm! Everybody was scolding and shouting. Seems that they opened ANOTHER entrance first. Fcuk. This entrance that we queue (near the hotel) was supposed to be the MAIN entrance. Never had good impression on Galaxy anyway.

Anyway, the concert started not long after. Me and my friends didn't bother to squeeze with people in front and decided to stand behind. Clear and nice view although a bit far. And we saw Jin Au Yang slumberly walking around playing with his mobile. If only I called up to him and took a photo. Regret.

Hell it was a GREATTTT concert! I would say I enjoyed the flow of the concert much more than Jay's. Imagine, just the four of them and the bands. Their positioning, dance, flow were all smooth! And they begin all those k-songs with a different rhythm that no one can guess, and all scream when heard the song intro after that! Awesome awesome awesome! Although only the four of them (Kevin left ;( my fave in the group) but everyone, both them and the fans enjoyed kau kau. Nick was super high, AJ can dance super well, Brian is super cute and friendly, Howie can groove deyh... Haha, my era punya songs... Jumped and screamed hearing those familiar songs... "I Want It That Way", "As Long As You Love Me", "Everybody", "Larger Than Life", "I'll Never Break Your Heart", "Shape Of My Heart" and each of them even sang solo. About 30 songs altogether. One of the four spotlight wasn't working at the beginning, but was ok halfway. AJ's mic was soft at one point. Otherwise, a great show. Couple of times Brian let the crowd sing, it was nice to hear that everyone was enjoying and singing aloud :)

The concert was great (Ma de, how many times wanna repeat), but I guess the haywire happens before and after. First was the blardy late gate opening, plus it was raining. Then after the concert, of course everyone leaves at the same time. There were 5 - 6 flights of escalator heading up. The first escalator at the most bottom was operating, but the 2nd flight was not! So the people at the 2nd flight had to pause and walk up slowly while the 1st flight's speed was much faster. So the different timing caused a jam at the 2nd escalator and ppl had to stop ON the OPERATING escalator. Which is so dangerous people might roll down the escalator caused by the jam! Crazy shyt. That's not the worst. Ppl speed up at the 2nd flight. Comes to the 3rd flight, the escalator was operating... SUDDENLY, from moving upwards the direction of the escalator changed and moved DOWNWARDS! And at a fast speed! AND, crowded with people ON the escalator! Omg, I was like watching a horror movie for 5 damn seconds. Everyone was screaming. Luckily no injuries. Then it stopped and people start to walk up super fast. Fearing it will move backwards again.

A reliable source said there were no post party, so we didn't bother waiting and head for dinner cum supper. Then off we head for home. Sorry, no pics taken cuz we were too far. If you want the videos, message me personally ;)

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