Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emo-ness is contagious

Just yesterday I was asking two of my friends why is everyone so emo, cuz I noticed a few of my friends are not feeling very happy. Now it's my turn. Yes, emo-ness is contagious. And it badly affects one person. Grrrr.

That message totally spoiled my mood. My feelings from bright turned grey.
I seriously didn't expect it to come. (Huhf, expect the unexpected konon)
I was making plans for it, going along and stuff. But it was totally unexpected and I didn't know that I couldn't take it. Well, a bit the exagerating but I'm seriously damn sad. I cried on the way home and still crying now. So many things is on my mind now.

What if in 1 years time I'm not remembered and he struggles to recall my name? What if in 2 years time I'm totally forgotten and he couldn't be bothered remembering? What if in 3 years time... sigh, I dunno. Gosh, what's wrong with me.

I guess the pressure of looking for job and doing something is getting up on me.

PS: How does it feel watching movie alone...

~ Losing determination. Losing faith.


Shin Sar said...

All emo because of one species named GUYS!!!


Anonymous said...

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