Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gardens Heaven

I know, I know, temptation is a sin. But it's unforgivable to NOT blog about this. After reading the all-praised-for post by Boo_licious about Yogitree, mum and I can't resist from trying it with our stomachs all drumming just looking at the photos.

A believer in 'back to basic cooking and always insisting on fresh, natural, organic ingredients bought and prepared for you.

Very motivational indeed...

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Mum and I made our way up to the first floor of The Gardens and saw that there's this food promotion going on in The Gardens and Yogitree is having 20% discount on a la carte items on dinner if you have this small booklet which you can find at all the directory boards around the mall.

The menu design was simple, just a stack of A4 papers with the items listed and certain dishes with their benefits highlighted stapled together. Browsing through the whole menu is enough to make my saliva drool all over the paper. Seriously, everything on the menu sounds good to eat. We finally made our decision after like what feels like an hour. Mum decided to go for the Carbonara and (grumbling under my breath because I wanted to eat that!) opt for the Claypot Soba Soup. And we shared a Crispy Duck and Pear salad which was amazingly appealing on boo_icious' blog.

My drink - Ginger Spice (Ginger + Yoghurt + i-forgot-what) but was suppose to be for rejuvenating. RM12

Crispy Duck and Pear Salad (Mesclun, Cucumber, Pear, Coriander, Sesame and Duck) Slightly too sweet though. RM20

Targliatelle Carbonara with Bacon RM19

Claypot Soba Soup with chicken, mushroom and spinach (The soba noodles were very smooth and the soup is clear and sweet. Yummy) RM22

Highly recommended - Hot Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream (The pastry is really flaky and the apples inside were still crunchy! Awesome!) RM12

The Yogitree
Lot F-237B, Level 1,
The Gardens
Tel: 03-22826163

A very satisfied dinner indeed. I seriously don't mind coming everyday to have my meals here. Mum said our meals will be at The Gardens everyday onwards haha! This food promotion is on from 15th March - 15th April and there's special offers for almost all the food outlets in The Gardens. Such as 50% off 2nd item in Cova, 1 for 1 Afternoon Tea Special at PHOP, 10% off at Sbread etc. And also, for every RM100 spent on weekdays and RM200 spent on weekends, you get the first 3 hours parking free (for the food outlets, and in a single receipt)

However, the disadvantage is that the booklet has to be taken by the outlet everytime you dine in. I'm not sure if all outlets do so or only Yogitree though. Mum was so disappointed and went down to grab one whole bunch of booklets back home. Haha. Thumbs up for the marketing idea but thumbs down for the 'recycling' use of booklets. But, in a positive way, maybe that's the way they record the statistics or something.

So, why not head down to The Gardens for some food haven for the next couple of weeks :) My stomach is grumbling now even just by looking at the photos... slurp!

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