Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Vacances de Falansai - Part 3: Foix and Paris

Wahaha it takes me more than a month to post about my trip eh? Okok, gonna finish off with the last part liao.

After we left Toulouse, we headed to Carcasonne. A place on the way to Foix, which used to be the administrative area of France, but now already changed to Paris ma. Inside there are lots of shops and restaurants.

After 2 hours stopping there, we moved on to Foix. Foix is a small town located in the Ariege region, it is on top of the hill so it's quite cold compared to Paris and Toulouse. The reason we go to Foix is for our management game in the University Le Mirail. We have a 4 days management game there - a simulation game where we are grouped into a group of 7 or 8 and we have to 'manage' a restaurant for 4 years. Each day representing one year. Due to all of us were in holiday mood, the mgmt game was horrible. I didn't like it at all. But, it is to help us to experience something before we go to the real world. I guess working in reality is much much much worst than that.

We stayed at some very beautiful chalets which is 20 minutes drive from the uni. (We get to cook in the chalets wee hee!) We have bus transfer daily. Polland students were also part of the games. So we get to meet a lot of different people :)

Beautiful view of the river outside the chalets.

The place we work. Part of the uni. Some classrooms and the auditorium is here :) Small uni only la... only for tourism masters student only.

View from the university.

Mickey mouse minced beef! Haha.

See their weighing machine. Self service one ok.The French students gave us this cheese to try. Smelly! But taste ok. Forgot what type of cheese is it. Monstieur I think.

Their keyboard. So hard to type. So different.

Their campus eating style. First time trying. Nice nice :) They serve red wine one ok! Fixed daily menu. But everyday sure got bread, bread and more bread.

Red leaves. Seldom get to see :)

We walked around the town the last day. Saw this bakery selling all these small figurines. Made of clay. Harry potter la, 7 dwards, batman all got!

We took the night train back to Paris. 7 hours ride. 6 people sleep in one cabin. Look how small it is. Some had to sleep with their luggages on the bed :( And the toilet hor, straight down the rail one ok! So reminder, don't pangsai when the train stop.

Back in Paris

We have one more day to spend at Paris before we head back to Malaysia. So few of us decided to walk Champs Elysees, go to Lafayette and then dinner at St Michel.

At Champs Elysees, Haagen Dazs is a huge SHOP, not kiosk. (Can see Foo Foo's cap :p)

My fave of the day. Nike Paris! Holy crap! There's like 10 times more things there than in Malaysia. I was so tempted to buy the whole shop bag. All so nice!!! I bought 2 handbags, 1 bag for my bro and 1 jacket.

LV building. I repeat, BUILDING. Not SHOP. 5 STOREY BUILDING.

See how many different lines the metros in Paris have. Wow. *blur blur* But if you get hold of it, it's very easy to take.

I saw a lot of these Kebab shops in France. And their kebabs are not like here, just a small roll of meat. The meat on the grill is HUGE. As huge as a cow's leg! This one that we tried, so so only la. I didn't really like it. Maybe because the mustard was too hot.

At night we went for dinner at St Michel. Tried to look for the place that we went on the first night but can't find it! Ended up in this seafood restaurant. Seafood again! Woohoo! Yummy. Serious, you ate the seafood there, you will think that seafood in Malaysia is not fresh at all. Especially oysters.

That's all about my trip. Short and sweet. Enjoyable. Thanks to all of you that made it so wonderful :)

~I'll be back at France again :) ~

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