Friday, December 21, 2007

How Much Do You Know?

It's often quite frustrating when you realized one day that you actually don't understand your best friend well. It's even more frustrating when you realized that you actually don't understand a lot of people around you. It's saddening when you realized that you don't have a lot in common with your friends. Making you feel like you're a lone ranger, an alien.

Come to think about it... how much do I know about my friends? My family? If you were to ask me what my mum likes to eat and dislikes, I have to say I have no idea at all. Yeah, disappointing huh? At the same time, how much do my friends know about me? To be precise, how DEEP do I know and my friends know?

As time goes on, people changes. Or is it because as time goes on, our thinking changes, thus we ASSUME that people changed, instead of we ourselves changed. Ok, I know I'm crapping.

Psst, Justin's gonna be here for Christmas again! :) Went for his concert last year. Awesome. Hopefully will get to see him again this year.

~ *quote Teng* Why make someone your priority when you're not even an option to them.
~ Losing myself.

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