Friday, December 28, 2007

I had a bad day...

Beware: Lots of rude words in this post.

I had a bad day... really f*cking bad day... Actually, I would say that everything started from yesterday... Or perhaps even Christmas itself... Or even, christmas eve itself. Argh... I should say I had a bad week instead.

Christmas eve - Working at KLCC this whole week. I am going for the christmas countdown at low yat that night so decided to park at BTS and take monorail. Took the monorail to Raja Chulan and walked from there. I didn't know it was so freaking far. I walked almost half an hour. On the way back, I took the LRT to Dang Wangi I think and walked to Bkt Nanas station to take the monorail to BTS. Turtle the signboard drew a link from the lrt to the monorail, mana tau it is so far too! I feel so smelly upon reaching low yat. Thank god lemon and danny didn't say anything. Wakaka. But it was a nice countdown. Danny was the last to perform. He cut his hair. Macam small boy only. I feel so tired after reaching home. Dah lah slept late the night before.

Christmas - Mou yeh geh, in this line, I holiday people work, people holiday I work. Wanted to order a christmas log cake for family dinner, habis stock. But luckily still got those normal cakes available. Sales were okay that day... I had family dinner that night, mana tau those guests hou lei em lei, wait until I want to go back only lei. So I 8pm only go back. Rushed to Bangsar to collect the cake and rush back to grandpa's house. This ah ma samore waste my time dowan to give me my cake :(

26th - Damn stress the whole day... Due to some reason. But it's my fault also la anyway. Why am I stressing myself up?!? Again, I had another dinner that night, but those guests again... sigh... Really must improve my time management lah seriously. And oh, I drove to work, parked near wisma UOA cuz saw the signboard saying maximum is RM8. Still have to walk 10 minutes to reach KLCC. Mana tau when I finish work, it was raining heavily. And when i pay, it was RM18! So my assumption is that the signboard I saw is the next parking land. Fcuk.

27th - The worst among the four days... Left the house at 11am cuz wanna go buy my bus ticket to penang. Take my own sweet time eating lunch and all cuz thinking that I have quite a lot of time. But, time flies when you're enjoying and time is slow like hell when you want it to be faster. Darn. By the time I finish buying my bus ticket it was already 1pm! Shyt! My plan was to park at Tun Sambathan and take monorail to Sentral and then walk over to KL Sentral and take LRT to klcc. Paid RM2 parking at TS then saw that I just missed one train. Fine. Walk up and then there's an announcement saying "something something technical problem" Double fcuk. Wait wait wait (it was already 1.15pm) My work starts at 1.30pm! Argh! Don't wait lah, drive to work only la. Walked down and as I reach my car, the stupid train came! KNNCCB! Ok, then i thought maybe I park at Sentral and take LRT. Then I was fickle minded and decided to just drive there only lah. Lantak lah pay expensive parking. Mana tau, slight jam on the way. Aiyer geramnya!

Reach Avenue K already 1.50pm. Parked my car, open the door and stood up. *PRAKKK!* I forgot I put my phone on my lap and the phone fell on the floor and split into 3. The cover, battery and the body. Fine. The best part is, the body dropped under the car next to mine. D*u loh! Samore is the center of the car. I had to LIE on the floor to get the phone. Both my hands and my shirt full of dust! Yuck! Ok, rush to work. Sei loh, why KLCC so many people one. Today what day oh? Thurs only leh. Don't tell me Bakerzin also full ar. Betul cakap aku, really full of people. Kelam kabut sudah... Luckily most of them finished eating already. Then, don't know why the whole day everything went wrong. A lot of voiding, wrong orders, key in wrong table, short of money, coffee machine spoiled. Even my manager said 'today is not a good day'. When work finished, I already planned to go find Ivy in 1U to pass her her isetan pass for next week. Mana tau when I finished work, I can't find the pass! Argh, samore my friend was rushing me to leave the place. Geram siul! Nvm la, just go find Ivy yum cha only la. This KY go pak toh, dun care about us pulak. Ish.

Walk to Avenue K, sei loh! Why all the grills locked already, no access to the lifts one? Simply find one staircase and walk down. Walk up and down finding for the lift. Luckily parking only RM10. Shyt, forgot where I parked. Went down B3, sei loh! Where's my car? Samore so quiet, I so damn scared. Kena tangkap also people dunno. Walked down to B4, still cannot see my car... I nearly cried already. Luckily at last saw my car. Phew! When want to exit, the machine unable to read my ticket!!! Then the guy intercom the office to open for me. So scared nanti they say I never pay pulak. Rush to 1U, parked at roadside, so scared nanti kena tunda kereta. They still mopping the floor. Walk walk walk, turn behind, shyt, all my footprints on the floor. Black colour. Don't care, talk to Ivy awhile then cabut go SS2 wait for her. When reach SS2, sms her where to go she pulak say anything. So when I just wanted to sms her to say go Pelita, battery kong! On also cannot on! Wah lao eh! Of all times! Walk to the public phone to try to call her, stupid public phone not working! Grrr... spotted one a few meters away, so went there and called her. Simply tembak her phone number, luckily kena. Hehe. Chat chat chat until 1.30am only go home. At least I get to meet her and gossip. Sudah beh tahan all the stressness. Thanks ah foo :)

So far until now nothing else happened... hopefully tomorrow will be good. I'm going to Penang to attend Jam Jam's wedding. Will be back on Sunday. Mum and dad and bro are going holiday at Xian. Darn. I didn't know my bro's going as well. Home alone until next year :S

That's all for today lah... wu~ wu~ wu~ why so unlucky today one? Sobz.

~See you next year! :D


Shin Sar said...

Ho Ho Ho... It was a bad week for me also. But I think not as bad as yours la :p Sick Christmas. MC on boxing day. Kelam-kabut and blur on Thurs and Fri during work. New year countdown in the hutan. Sigh.. So, no hutan to teman sakai during new year lo. *sob*sob*

Eve Lynn said...

Tau pun mine was bad leh? So shytty.

Hutan have to go back mother hutan for new year... kakakaka... nvm la... we'll meet when u're back...