Sunday, December 16, 2007

[Phood] Ladies Promotion @ Jogoya, Starhill Gallery

Jogoya is currently having their anniversary and have this promotion whereby ladies dine at 50% discounts and gentlemen get free king prawns. Of course, good values are meant to get, so kiasu people like my mum (oops!) I mean me, sure will go lah.

This promotion is only valid on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday... and my advise is you really have to book first because walk in will take you 1 hour minimum to wait...

Despite hearing not very good comments from my friends about Jogoya, I still want to try it for myself. Erm, maybe because of the overwhelming response for this promotion, it was crowded with people. We reached at 7.45pm and waited until 9.15pm only we manage to go in. First thing that turned me off was, we gave them our number of pax and name and the receptionist gave us a number for the queue. After like one hour, another guy told my dad 'the wait for dinner is closed, asking us to wait for supper session. If they put us in front of the queue for supper it's ok, but they said we have to give our name again to queue BEHIND those who put their names for supper. WTH. My dad argued with them. So unfair right? I don't know what happened but they settled it and let us in.

Each table has these clips with the table number on it, they have a lot of stalls which features different food, some are buffet style you take them yourself, some are cooked when you order. So you place the clips on a bowl for the particular dish you want, and they'll cook and the server will send to your table.

Salty sukiyaki :S

Lots of varieties of food there. Pastas, teppanyaki, stir fries, tempuras, seafood, soups, sashimis, fresh oysters, sushis and lots lots more.

However, my friends were right, the food there are not those 'oh-my-god-they're-so-good' type. They're just so so. I will prefer Zen or Saisaki over them. And the service is lousy. The servers don't smile, or say thank you or excuse me or anything. They just dump the food on your table and walk away. Pfft.

Not a nice experience for me. But the green tea ice creams are good :)

Address:T3, Relish Flr. Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55 100 Kuala Lumpur,

Edited: The promotion has already ended 18/12/07. Prices are back to normal pricing.

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