Monday, December 17, 2007

151207 Battleground Finale

So fast, it's already the ending of the Battleground competition... I have been following the recording since the 2nd recording until the last recording, the 2 promos in penang and sungai wang, and now finally the finals.

Feeling a bit 'em seh dak' because met a lot of friends, had a lot of fun watching them. Even though they're competing against each other, but they still remain friends forever. That's the spirit yo!

The finals was held at Ruums Club, KL. Everything went on time, smoothly. Even Danny was hyped up and did perfectly well. Though he didn't see us :(

The two finalists - Twister ET and Racken Force had to go through 4 rounds of different dance - first is free dance, 2nd is a fixed song for both the groups and they have to do popping and new school if I'm not mistaken. 3rd one is they have to use crops - which is the radio and 4th is two PK rounds.

The judges for the night were of course none other than the 3 judges of Battleground all the while - Bobby, Fellest and Shay. And two more additional judges for the finals were Marcus from America and Lan Bo lao shi from Taiwan. I guess most of you should know who is Lan Bo lao shi, he choreographed dances for a lot of artistes before such as JJ Lin Jun Jie, Wang Xin Lin etc... Awesome awesome awesome! He's so good in dancing, he's good in singing, he's good in giving comments. Fantastic. Respect him.

Pics taken from Lan Bo lao shi's blog

The rest of the groups from Top 6 also performed - Mustang Crew, CID Crew, D8 Second and DT4. Good performance from all of them, but CID macam re-use their old steps geh... hmmmm... Another performer for the night was JIN Au Yang from US. Hip hop rapper. "I say hip, you say hop!" Foo! Hype up the atmosphere yo. He's darn good. His rap geng ah! Fellest Bobby Shay also performed, and Fellest wore the D-One shirt woo hoo! Black one :) Why lah never use Danny's song? :p

However, half the time I can't see what they're dancing... thanks to my height... and the people in front. Another half the time I'm looking at the screen where half the time the cameraman is blocking me. Prffft! Must watch repeat again... Dunno when... Sigh...

As predicted since Day One, the champion was none other than Racken Force. But come to think of it, champion get RM25000 divided by 4 of them is RM6000 plus. Twister ET 1st runner up get RM12000, also RM6000. More or less the same. But of course, the recognition is the most important lah. Nevermind, Twister we'll always support you! I somehow like Twister ET more. Maybe because I've already know how geng Dennis is... so it's expected from them to do well.

So, in conclusion, how was it? Erm... for me it was good lah. Maybe because I was tired, so didn't really enjoy to the max. Plus, I felt like the flow of the show not very smooth. Not suspense enough... not transparent enough... Dunno la... expecting too much I guess.

The other day only few of my colleagues were 'sniff sniff' and 'ha-choo!' at work, baru saja warn them not to pass the virus to me, this morning wake up nose block, soar throat. Shytty. Things always end up the other way round. Darn.

Anyway, thanks to all the Battleground crews and contestants for the wonderful show. Thanks Yee Jia for taking care of us. Thanks Danny, kuan kuan, H2T, Fellest, Shay, Bobby, Chinaman, Animator, Virus-X, Mustang Crew, D8 Second, Racken Force, Twister ET, DT4 and especially CID Crew for the wonderful experience for the past 3 months. And most most most importantly thanks to Kei, Soo Fong, Sar, Carmen, Carmen's bf, I-tung, Michelle, Sue Jean etc for going to the show with me. Merci beaucoup ~ Mwaks :)

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