Monday, August 13, 2007

Rush Hour 3 + Summer Live Concert

10th August 2007

A day out with Ah Foo, Ah 'Heam' and Ah Ying. Kesian a few of my classmates whose name became very unusual when we're working at Langkawi. Some of them their names were spelt horribly different, some of their last name was cut off. Darren's name became Damen, Edmund's name became Chern Heam or something like that. =_=" Luckily mine, Ah Foo and Ah Ying's name were correct :)

Morning we went for 'brunch' at Ah Yat - dim sum *yummy* Edmund made 'cha yip dan' for us. Thanks Edmund :) Then we went to BTS for Rush Hour 3 and shopping. The person who wants to shop end up buying nothing and the 3 of us bought something. Ah Foo, kesiannya. I bought a long sleeve orange shirt from Metrojaya, Edmund bought a luggage bag for our Falansai trip, Ah Ying bought some stuff from Elianto. Guys and girls, go watch RH3! It's darn good! Darn funny! Darn nice! Laugh non stop.

Ah Foo and Edmund went to a watch shop to look at some watches. Don't know why I suddenly turn very moody when enter the shop. Got headache. Guess it's because of the spotlights and the heat inside. Or something else. I don't know. Scary.

At night we had our dinner at La La Chong. 2nd time there. Had the same stuff again - Lai Yao Crab, Kangkung, Xiong Tong La La... and also Xing Zhao Mai. And satay. Saw one part at the back grilling crabs and fish. Smell so nice! Shall try it someday :)

11th August 2007

Started our journey at 7am. Pik Kei stayed over at my house yesterday night. Thanks AA for driving us there. Reach around 10 something, head to some restaurant for makan. Don't know what to eat, and Aunty Swan tell me "There! Eat Danny WAN tan mee =_="" Zha dou... I know lah, next time Danny's son can be named WAN tan mee. Haha!

Then we head to the Padang Besar for Danny, Henley and Orange's meet the fans session. The 8tv booth was so crowded so we just stand near the van and wait for them. It was so freaking hot and he's wearing that thick jacket. Gosh. Crazy. Apu saw us when the van passed by and waved. When they came down from the van, we called him but I don't think he saw us cuz he just walked passed coolly. Waited at the same spot until they finished, Orange and Henley sang a bit, Danny rapped. Then they had autograph session for those who bought the package A. They walked past, called him, he just turn back, smiled weakly and go up the van. Sigh. Don't care lah. Maybe he's tired.

Then, this quote came into my mind - "Don't expect anything is also an expectation."

Went back to the hotel to bath and get ready, then walked back to the field. Walk around at the booths, at 3pm got Daniel and John's meet the fans session. Again, stood at the van instead of the booth. He keep waving at everyone :) And he did a very cute expression when he was walking back to the van. Haha!

After that we queue up at the VIP zone entrance until the gate open at 6pm. VIP was behind VVIP. Oklar, at the center of the stage. Sat down and wait for the concert to begin. The screen started playing advertisements of shows on 8tv, one of the ads got Yu Zhong's "Melodi", and SO COINCIDENTLY it started to rain after the ad! Omg, LYZ, you're so cursed! We shouted "Change song change song! Raining already!" The magnum people looked at us and laughed. At 7.45pm the dancers came out to teach the crowd how to dance Macarena cuz this year it's dance theme. We had to dance twice! Some of the dancers were from So You Think You Can Dance?. Well, I don't follow the show, but I heard Isaac, Jo and a few more were in it. Jo is hot. Isaac is cute!!! I love the way he dance! Haha. Then the VVIPs and media came. Saw Mr Izham, Paul Moss, Gold Dragon. I wonder what Paul Moss will think of Daniel's performance though. This gold dragon always wear the same shirt, sakai, no shirt to wear ar?

8.30pm they show interviews of artists at the backstage and some recordings of the afternoon carnival on 8864. The show started at 9pm with Daniel, John, Henley, Orange and Danny singing a song medley of dance hits. Then George Lam, 2MORO, Genie, Gary, Daniel, John, Sandy, Danny, The Cross, Henley, Orange, Vincy, JJ and FIR continuously came out to perform. The local artists only sang 1 song each. But if add with the opening act then 2 lah. Unfair :( Daniel was raised up on the stage elevator and he took off his jacket! John threw paper aeroplanes. And Danny's performance had breakdance (not he doing it though =_=") and dancers pouring water on themselves. Overall I totally enjoyed it! Especially The Cross' "I Love Rock And Roll" woo hoo!

All the artists came out at the ending to so-called dance Macarena with the crowd. I didn't see if the artists danced. Danny saw us and waved :) Thanks.

Then we rushed to the backstage where all the vans are. Can't find the 3Fs so me and Pik Kei stood at the roadside waiting for the vans to pass by. The Cross' van passed by and stopped at the junction for a LONGGGGGGGGG time. Thanks to some traffic jam at the front. So everybody stood next to the van and keep clicking away. Some ulu people keep peeping inside. Swt.

Waited and finally saw Danny's van passed by. With Orange and Henley inside. Orange and Henley waved. But Danny was listening to his Ipod and looked down. I waved my hand in front of him also he didn't see. Until his PA called him to look out the window. Haha. He signaled 'thank you' to me and Pik Kei. Aww... unexpected 'conversation' though. Thanks for everything :) *lub* The van moved front and stopped. So me and Pik Kei walked in front again. Haha. Like two mad women only la. Didn't see Daniel's van though. They were heading to the post party. God knows where.

By the time we reach back the hotel it was 1 something I think. Slept at 3am and woke up at 6.15am.

I guess it's better to stop thinking too much about things. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Sometimes, don't know, don't see, don't care is better than knowing, seeing and caring. You'll get less hurt. Or less frustrated. Or less annoyed. Or less problematic things will be. I've learned to complain less. And enjoy more. I hope you guys will too. :) Live life cool and happy.

Going to Langkawi (again) later. I'll definitely enjoy my trip this time. I will not let anything get in my way to enjoy myself. See you all when I get back :) Will miss you all loads. Mwaks.

~ Don't expect anything is also an expectation ~
~ 爱太深会让人疯狂的勇敢 (Loving too deeply will make people crazily brave) ~

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