Friday, August 24, 2007

My World Has Stopped Turning

I seriously wonder,
if I never knew about all these local Chinese artists, what would I be doing now?
Will my life be much more free-er? And also much more boring-er?
I would have more time to do my own things. More meaningful things.
Not to say that star chasing is not meaningful. It gave me lots of new knowledge and friends of course. But going around for them seriously makes me lose time in doing my OWN things.
I seemed to be regretting for lacking in my studies, less time in doing things that benefit my profession.
But is star chasing to be blamed? I seriously don't know.
Will I have the heart to let go? I don't know too.

When other people ask me, I always tell them,
'aiyah, don't think so much la, if you count like that, you won't be happy'
But come to think of it, I actually often ask myself that question:
"Is it all worth it?"
I seriously don't know. I can't seem to get an answer for it.
I'm happy doing all these, I'm having fun, I enjoyed it,
but is there more to it? Expect the unexpected? Or should I just slow down my pace and let go slowly? Sometimes, I'm tired. Friends asked me: "Wah, you so free ar?" Sigh.
All I want... all I need... is... nevermind. It's for me to know and for you to find out.

I guess this month is a bad month for me. Bad luck seems to be with me throughout.
I guess I didn't tell anybody, I met an accident while going to college one day. Didn't see the car in front stopped and banged it. But no worries. Nothing serious.
Two days ago, again was on my way to college and stopped in a jam. Some moronic sakai on the motorbike just bang into me. Don't ask me how. All the cars weren't moving. I turned behind and look at him and he just fled off. Didn't even get his number plate. Arse face. Nothing serious. Just the side of my bumper came out slightly.
Besides, I don't know is my driving skills getting lousy or it's the other drivers' problems. People seemed to be driving recklessly on the roads nowadays. Cutting in the line without signal, samore nearly bang into my car, want to u-turn from the left lane. Wtf. Grr...

Speaking of all these, I guess everybody read the news about these buses that causes death of passengers on highways. I mean, it's seriously so freaking ridiculous man. Speeding lah, tired lah. Excuses. Why?? And it all comes to: rules are not obeyed, and what 'prevention is better than cure' is all bull and sai. Only after all these happened then only things are being done. Only after when the accident happened, only investigations are done saying how many samans unpaid and whatsoever. Isn't it a bit too late to do things already?

Please don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you. When people do something you dislike, you get so angry. But have you ever thought about what you did? And stop being so vain. Omg! I can't stand you seriously. You're a guy for goodness sake! And you seriously think you're very handsome? Puhlease. Stop thinking you're the center of attention ok. You make me want to puke. And, you're freaking annoying. Seriously.

What's the meaning of GROUP WORK when people are doing work individually? Farks man. It's seriously an insult to the other group members. Do you think you're always right? Yeah, I know, you always get good grades, so what? Does it mean that you don't accept other people's ideas? I guess it always happens when someone tries to take lead. It happened around me few times before, and it seems to be happening everywhere. Hmm... Don't be vain, I'm not talking about you.

Emo, emo, emo... I don't know what am I depressed about. I guess it's pressure. So many things happening. So little time. So much work. So less money. Sigh. But funny how sometimes the one that makes you happy is someone you're not close to. It's amusing to look at 2 French guys eating roti canai with their hands (and with condensed milk) :)

~Should I go or should I not? That is the question.~
~My world has stopped turning~


megdalyn said...

give urself a break.. don think too much.. it doesnt help.. it wil get worse only..
ppl drive like mad v can do is jus becareful..take care ya...
malaysian are always like dat.. they only do their work when things happened.. they wil never do their part when things haven happen... they always think dat it wil never happen til it happened.. dumb pigs....
take care n becareful while drivin kayz..

adelyn~ said...

"wai ho siong tai dor~"

dont think so much lar! this year my luck even worst! but still have to go on!! Jia you lor~