Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Mini Class Trip + Langkawi International Dialogue

I'm back!
Went to Langkawi for four days to work for the Langkawi International Dialogue 2007.
Went on Thursday night by bus, arrived at the jetty at 4.30am and waited until 7.30am to take the ferry. Had our breakfast at Westin staff cafeteria then head to our hotel - Helang Hotel. The first two days we pretty much just played. Went to Kuah town by taxi for shopping, at night went to Pantai Cenang, the next day went to Cactus for breakfast, Pantai Tengah, worked in the evening, Sunday is the function and Monday came back.

Honestly speaking, I only enjoyed 50% of the trip. Seriously. I was dying to come back to KL after Friday. Somethings happened. I don't want to say what. It was so tensed, so stressful for me. And it definitely spoiled my mood. But after that things got better. And the money we earn is just enough to cover the expenses of this trip. Luckily not negative :)

Sigh, couples couples everywhere. 6 of us, 5 of them already berteman-teman. Plus a few more others. Left me alone. Sigh. Life sucks. Love sucks even more. But, of course they're kind enough not to leave me out. :) But sometimes, I know they need their own space. I feel like a freaking bright light bulb shining at them. Sigh sigh sigh.

The journey to and fro was fun. I always enjoyed taking long journey buses. Cuz I get to see the sceneries, and think a lot. Nothing specific in mind, just thinking and thinking and thinking. For no reason.

Don't want to elaborate much on my trip this time. No mood to elaborate nor post any pics. Maybe I'll change my mind after receiving pics from my fwens. Gd nite.

~Romeo & Juliet~


hyin said...

6 of you but 5 berteman? How? tak balance pun... hehe...

Eve Lynn said...

Uncle Lim, wow, welcome to my blog. I din know you read my blog. haha!

As in, 5 of them have their own teman la... means all together 5 couples. :) I'm the lonely~~~ one...