Saturday, July 08, 2006


Hectic hectic hectic... The past two weeks had been hectic... First, we had dance practises, discussions, arrangements, meetings for Daniel's birthday bash. I went out everyday to shop for stuff, meet up with them... And of course, i had to spend time doing my report, but i'm still not done with it =P

On 30th June itself, I went and do my hair - braids, never that it occur to me that i want to participate in best hairdo.. I just thought that it suits the 'Perfect Man' dance. As Shin Sar was free during that week too, we met up with each other 9 days in a row to do everything together... Thanks Sar, i had a great time :D We told each other not to have high expectations towards the event and also him because he might not even like the party at all.

Sony BMG presented 'SEA's most promising chinese artist award' to him.. All of us were so so proud of him. Overall, the event was really fun, despite the LOUSY PA system, some mistakes here and there and rush of time. The most fun part was the Daniel's impersonation contest.. Michelle did really great, and Ryan too! Daniel laughed non stop. During dinner, he walked to every table, everybody gave him presents and everybody started to give him a hug.. Kesian, kena 'pok mong' kau kau. But it's his birthday, that's the way he should thank everybody. I didn't get him anything because no point la hehe.

I was disappointed in the chillex dance though (well, i'm in it) It could have been better but it was so messy, some forgot their steps and arghhh! I wonder what Daniel think about our dance. I'm so disappointed in myself. I shall retire from it, get chillex juniors to dance in the future :D Daniel involved in the games and also did some emcee-ing. Surprisingly i won the best hairdo (thanks aunty quiny and uncle frankie) and I was delighted with the way Daniel announced. (Well, if being intro like that, who won't be happy wor? :D)

  • "I think she spent a lot of time doing her hair. She's very busy tonight, and her name is same as my car... SEVVY!"

Uncle Rick say i bowed 12 times on stage =_="

College started on monday. This term the time table still ok... Not very packed but not flexible too. Sobz.. The feeling of giving up reappear... I'm so lazy to go back to college... I feel stressed, scared... I prefer working than studying... Still trying to figure out whether to continue degree or not... Sigh!!! I am afraid i cannot handle it. This term's kitchen class it's up to our knowledge and creativity... Gosh... Mati oh...

Yesterday Ms Karen's class was cancelled, so we had 4 & 1/2 hours break. Fiona, Amanda and I went to Sunway Pyramid to watch 'Just My Luck' starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine. It was really nice, Chris Pine is so good looking, his eyes are so blue. And the songs by McFly are very nice too! I wonder if anyone's luck will be that bad or that good or not :D Watch the movie to know what am i talking about. Sometimes when i watch this kinda movie, I wonder if the storyline will happen in real life or not... Will your luck turn upside down with just a kiss? Will a girl be able to meet such good looking and nice guy? Haha, all i can say is - MIMPI...


SiauLangMichy said...

Kow Tow for 12 times is very great!!

keep up the good works..
Hairs great!
And finally u updated ur bloggie...!!!
And chillex dancers were cool!

yumi said...

sevvy! wahahahaha.
mcfly rox!

rachteng said...

: )

chua_julie said...

went KFC yesterday with church member & suddenly i remembered u! miss u sevvy...

u r a smart girl..i'm sure u know wat u want =) all the best for your future undertakings!