Tuesday, July 11, 2006

She's The Only One

If a person sings/dedicates these four songs to you, what's the first thing that crosses your mind?
  1. Better Man
  2. Belaian Jiwa
  3. You're Beautiful
  4. Can't Take My Eyes Off You

He said he can't be a superman, but he'll be a better man. He said that she's the only one. Feel heartache? Of course not.. Why should i? I'm just curious who she is... Just hope and pray he found the right one =)

Started to fall sick on Sunday morning. I guess it's the weather. Too hot. And walked into air con rooms while sweating. Flu, cough, soar throat, headache. Peeps, the weather is terrible nowadays... Please drink more water to prevent soar throat.

Seriously, how do you know if the person you like is likeable? Some people said that, if he's the right one, you can see the future for the both of you. Pak toh-ing, getting married, having a family... Is it true?

Since young, i'm always a dreamer. I always imagine a lot of things, imagine my future, my friends, my work, my life. I dream of all the best things i can have in life. I dream that, if i open a cafe, how would i manage it. I dream of when i'm married (if i ever get to), how would i want my life to be. Haha, you can say that i'm a very 'traditional' thinker... I want to be married to a guy who has an average income to support the whole family(better if he's rich la hehe), i would love to have 2 kids - 1 girl & 1 boy, be a part time worker so that i can spend time with my family, to have time to cook for my family. Wah, mimpi-lah... How can life be so perfect? Life is a very unpredictable thingy. People always said 'marriage is an eye-opener'. What if the guy you love changed drastically after being married? What if both of you can't earn enough? What if both of you end up not having any kids? What if there's a third party in between? Hey, you all might be saying 'choi! touch wood!' but these are the things happening to some people's marriages now right? Nobody predicted all these yet it happened. Some people choose to separate, but some can't due to circumstances...

Argh... life's so unfair...

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