Saturday, July 22, 2006

Eventful or Eventless?

Monday - 9.30am - 6pm class... Had dinner at grandparents' house...

Tuesday - 11am - 5.30pm class...

Wednesday - 9am - 1.30pm class... Stayed back at library to do French and Kitchen... Went Shabu Shabu for dinner with parents... yummy! Szen asked to go for dinner at Kim Gary but it was too last minute so i couldn't go.

Thursday - 9am - 4pm class... Went to SS2 pasar malam with Chunyiun and Soursand... Wanted to eat assam laksa but finished *sobz* then it was a journey of makan, makan and continue makan... First, lok lok (steamboat where the items are stringed together on a satay stick and you dip into a pot of hot stock at the van), next was sugar cane, keropok lekor, peanut kuih, so many more things to eat but so little space (in the stomach >.<) Next week, we'll continue with char kueh kak, mua chi, uncle bob fried chicken...

Friday - 11am - 4pm class... Amanda and Fifi had lunch in the restaurant, so i ta pao food makan in class... For Applied Science class we were separated into two groups to do two diff case studies, disappointed, no one (except a few) bother to discuss properly, all making really unappropriate remarks... Well, i understand sometimes jokes are fun, but don't overdo it, it will become irritating, sigh, maybe i'm just too serious. Stayed back alone to see how group 1 and group 3 do their practical. Chef Chong was there too :D By just seeing them doing it makes me scared. There's just so much for me to improve on. I realize my product knowledge is totally ZERO. Time organization, managing the commis, managing myself... Stress betul... The students in group 2 all stayed to observe too. Kesian Terence, ter-cut his hand, he said he can't feel the pain but his whole hand was numb. Haha, ever tried having 3 plasters on your hand?

I left earlier and went to Sunway Pyramid for Kwok Fai's mini musical showcase. Royce from My FM was the emcee. So many aherm, pinkies were there. Me, chunyiun, teng, mei ling, fish, fanny, sandy, szen, jovee, xzendra. Even Soh Ling was there. The thing started at 9pm, KF came out wearing the fan club tee *thumbsup* and he sang a whole bunch of songs.. He started of by playing the chorus of Believe In Love on the piano which he only learned a week ago, then sang a faster version of Believe in love *nice* and other songs such as Yong Qi, Ni Bu Zai, A Simple Song, Time After Time, Kau Ilhamku, Ai Hen Jian Dan, Fen Xiang, Qing Fei De Yi and a whole lot more be it english, mandarin, canto or malay! His interaction with the fans was superb, but only the few of us gila gila screaming and shouting. He sang the oldie 'you are so beautiful to me' and we replied him 'thank u thank u', he laughed. He said when he's singing, don't shout 'wo ai ni' cuz he will forget his lyrics. He's so cute laaaa! Honestly speaking, I enjoy this more than the previous musical showcase I went >.< (i guess it's the interaction gua and the choice of songs were fantastic!!!) KF went for his musical but he never came for this. Well, i guess he's busy and to avoid any misunderstandings guah. Then we went Kim Gary for supper! Had French Toast and my fave Tea in HK style :D

Saturday - Slept at 3am woke up at 6.40am to send CY to pudu station. Came back home, cannot sleep anymore. Nobody at the forum until 9am, matchbox ask me to translate article. Translated 1 and went to cut my hair. So difficult to change hair style la.. I'm bored with straight hair already but i don't want to perm it >.<" In the end just cut some fringe and nipiskan my thick wavy hair. Went and ta pao chicken rice and went home to eat. Wanted to watch 'I Not Stupid 2' but err unsuccessful :p Slept from 3pm to 7pm and went for dinner at OUG. Went and find my cute little Angeli at Faber Ria. She can pronounce 'flower', 'fish', 'mummy', 'yi ma (aunty)', 'jie jie', 'kakak', 'pink' and a lot more!!! She's just so adorable. Daniel is in penang for some event at his former school SMK Han Chiang. Chun said he sang Peng You =( He's evil.

I think i'm used to going out on weekends, this weekend no events feel really weird. Kwok Fai had an event at sunway pyramid today, was tempted to go but better not.. Have to kidnap people out one >.<"

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rachteng said...

kidnap mai kidnap lo
get to see lengchai wo
and summore he lum ppl wan u know
worth itttttttt ! : P