Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My First Genting trip in 2006

To reward myself after the term exam, i decided to join Mei Ling, Ah Kor, Chun Yiun, Zyna, Xzendra and Ostrova to go Genting for the weekend. Mei Ling's parents have an apartment in Gohtong Jaya, so we 'borrow' the place for the nights.

We leave KL for Genting at around 6pm, but traffic jam all the way!!! We used the MRR2 way to go, i guess it's due to after working hours and also the road closure guah... So, we only reached Gohtong Jaya at about 8.30pm... We went to Restaurant Chuen Kee for dinner... The food was nice! There was this pork dish whereby the deep fried it with a black sauce.. yum yum!

After dinner, we head to the apartment to get some rest... We arranged our stuff and watched American Idol... Then we bath and changed and went out for supper - tong sui... We relaxingly walk to the cafe... We had curry chee cheong fun, pork noodles, creamy wheat, fa sang wu, assam laksa... Yum yum! But the laksa was very spicy... Then the next table there was this AUNTY smoking, all the cigarrette smoke come to our side, yucks!!! So smelly!!!

After supper, we walked back to the apartment... We sat outside, enjoy the night starry sky, and chit chatted... We chat about girls/guys that we like, what we like to do... So enjoyable... Then we went back to the house at 3am... Mei Ling went to sleep while the others sat outside watching TV and chit chat. Me, Chunyiun and Ostro chatted until 6am... We woke up at 10am for breakfast... Then we went to the arcade for some pool, fusball, Photo Hunt... and we walked to the swimming pool... Too bad no one brought their swimming attire... Zyna was nearly thrown into the water... Then we head back to the apartment, Mei Ling cooked 'Pan Mee' for us to eat, Zyna and I stood in front of the pot, pulling each piece of dough to become a thin layer... Hey guys, i put in all my effort and love in each piece of pan mee u all eat u know! Don't pray pray!

Then, we get ready and head to the Cable Car Station to go up to Genting... There wasn't any crowd at the cable car station! Within minutes we got up the cable car, Xzendra was afraid of the height... Haha! We walked around, headed to the outdoor theme park but saw the rides not running because of the heavy mist, since it was already 4pm, it wasn't worth it if we were to go to the outdoor theme park, so we just chillex at Coffee Bean until 6pm... Then we went to the Indoor Theme Park to play the games... We played the Spin the Wheel, throw eraser etc.. most of the time we played the spinning one... We won 1000 over points, 10 small soft toys, 1 mug, 1 crayon set, 1 colour pencil set, and a set of pens... Wow!!! Imagine how many rounds we played!!! But it was really fun!!! Oh yeah, while we were playing halfway, Eu Jin came and join us!!! Woo hooo!

At around 8.00pm we head down to Gohtong Jaya and had dinner with Alan and Sharon (Mei Ling's friend)... We went back to the apartment and played cards and mahjong. We had fun!! We slept at around 4am... We woke up at 8.30am and quickly wash up and pack our things because Mei Ling had to send Ostro back to his house as he needed to go for the Jacsville Anniversary Event... So, we sent him back to his house, and head down to KL for yong tau foo and all went separate ways home...

I would like to thank Mei Ling for the trip... Without you, we won't have place to stay and we won't have nice pan mee to eat!! Thanks for everything!! And to the others: Chunyiun, Ostro, Eu Jin, Zyna, Xzendra, Ah Kor, thanks for all the fun we had!!! I'm really addicted to you guys la!!! Hope we'll go out more often ya? Muaks!!!

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chunyiun said...

Sevvy!!...I am addicted to u guys too!!...I just cant get enuff of u guys!...We realli had an enjoyable trip yea? Btw, I know the Pan Mee was made wit love...Hehehe...N i enjoy every bit of it..Thanx for everything,Sevvy..Lub u loads!