Thursday, March 30, 2006

Is it a good or bad day?

Woke up at 9.45am.. S***! Late! Quickly dress and rush to Setapak to meet up with Szen and Ostro for brunch, which suppose to be at 10am sharp.. Sorry guys!
Reach Jalan Parlimen, JAM!! Oh no!!! After passing Pekeliling, I missed the turning to Jalan Genting Klang.. Had to go all the way front to make a U-turn...
Quickly find a parking and walk towards Public Bank. Szen and Ostro was in the car, Ostro spotted me and shouted my name. Szen drove to another block and we ate pan mee at Restaurant Sky. Yummy!
Ostro was telling what happened during the Jacsville event... sounds really fun! I should have went.
It's so not a good day. Uncle nessie messaged "Paul Tan's condition from steffan: I just got news that paul's auto mechanics not functioning properly. Breathing very shallow. The brain's pressure has built up and eyes affected. Critical. Everyone pls pls pray for him!" Gosh!!! How could this ever happen? I'm scared seriously! Anything can happen in this world nowadays!!! Paul, please be save!! Stay strong!!! I'll pray for you!!
Then, we adjourned to another spot for yum cha because Szen and I had to pay for the parking again because time was up. We went to KFC, ordered our drinks and took a place by the window on the second floor. We chat about DFC, Daniel, Pinkies, JV, Cherating, the MV etc...
We talked for almost 1 hour and a half, then i had to leave. Ostro spotted the 8 Team's car parked by the bus stop, thinking they're making a stop there, but end up they stopped to buy some stuff. The 8 team noticed ostro and waved, we waved back.
I quickly made my way to Midvalley to meet up with Soursand. We bought our tickets for 'The Shaggy Dog' at 3.25pm. Bought popcorn and drinks and wait for the cinema to open. Sandy met her best friend there who coincidently is watching the same show as well!
The show was really funny... but i cried too! Cuz some parts were very touching..
After the show, we walked around going to music stores to check out Daniel's repack album, and we decided to have dinner at Kim Gary. We talked about a lot of things. Aunty Quiny called to say hi. Idlejam called to ask me to scan some photos.
Then Soursand teman me to my car and we both went separate ways!

Thanks szen and ostro for the brunch!!! Thanks sar sar for the movie!!! Hope we can go out more often next time!!! I love all my pinkies buddies so so much!!! Mwaks!!!

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Jo said...

tomorrow always is a good day...
coz today almost gone case liao..
always look forward mar
no matter good or bad day, still another day...:P