Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Tiger Year 2010!

Gong xi fa cai! It's the year of the tiger! Me year! Hippieee!
But it also means I'm older! Two dozens! Oh no...
We didn't celebrate this year due to grandpa's passing, but we still gathered for dinner on cny eve. I didn't join them for dinner cuz I was working, but I went after work, it's been ages since I see my baby, although we live so nearby.
And on the first day we gathered again at grandma's for brunch. 4th grand-auntie came to visit, and at 4pm left for MV with my two cousins to watch "72 Tenants Of Prosperity". Haha, it's darn funny. The main reason I wanna watch it because of the humongous casts of HK actors and actresses and also cuz of Wong Cho Lam. He's darn cute and short! I love his acting. For once Midvalley is jam-less on a Sunday!!! Really traffic-free! Although there's a lot of people in MV, but maybe many shops are closed so less staff parks there! I think this is the ONLY Sunday of 2010 which will be jam-less. How I wish everyday it's like that!

Still got two movies that I wanna watch! Tiger Woohoo and Valentine's Day!!! Wish I can watch V Day with my other half, but hey, i DON'T have an other half!

After movie went for dinner at Chong Qing with family. A hot day and steamboat doesn't match, but who cares! The laughter we have.

After dinner my mind keeps spinning, I don't know why but I started missing everyone... like seriously everyone that I could think of. The times we hang out together and yet we still complain time is not enough. Imagine now? I don't even see them like for years! Even if just for days but it still feels like years! And I cried... while facebooking I just cried! Cuz I miss everyone.

Had no intention to apply for leave this year... until my chef thought that my senior didn't allow me to take leave... haha... when everyone asked they were like har? no off? Well, at least the main day falls on Sunday so it's ok. Haha, hotel line is diff from office le, 6 days work and no fix leaves one ler. That's the fun part of it. Chef was nice enough to organize steamboat on the eve and we got ang pau from one of the regular guest! Wow. Special.

Do people remember what they do or said when they're drunk? Doubt so huh? Yeah, me too. Is it just me who's thinking too much?

Again, happy roarrrr year! Here's wishing you to better health, better wealth, happiness and prosperity! Eat more Tiger biscuits, drink more Tiger beers, rub Tiger balm, watch tiger shows, don't be like Tiger Woods, visit Maybank, Esso and Proton and miss the tiger baby me! Lol! Mwaks!

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