Friday, April 23, 2010


I don't know what title to put...

Life has been going pretty okay so far. Everyday wake up, work, eat, work, go home, online, sleep. The same routine goes on and on. I would say I'm performing okay in pastry. Making breads, churning ice creams, making chocolate macaroons, some cakes, crepes and bavarois. Fuh, not easy but I'm learning day by day. Learn and learn and learn. Mistakes do happen, and what I need to learn is how to alter towards perfection (quote someone), well, nothing is perfect but at least it's going that way.

Aunt called in the midnight 3 days ago saying both her kids were admitted to the hospital suspecting influenza A. They were kept in the ICU. Blood sample were taken but results only will be out the next day. My god, terrified. The youngest one is not even 1 year old. Cried the whole night wondering what will happen. Read the newspaper about kids died due to h1n1. Argh, that's shitty! Dreaded the hours until evening and aunt smsed to say result was negative. Thank the lord. Quote someone, negative doesn't always mean something bad :) But they weren't allowed to leave the hospital just yet. Went and visit them on the 3rd day. The elder one is getting much better, already without the drip and jumping around. She said she likes the hospital bed =_=" cuz can use the remote to control up and down, front and back. The baby's lung is not too good. Kept crying when she sees the doctor or nurse. Aunt sms-ed me saying just after I left the doctor came and insert a 6-inch tube into her nose down her throat to suck out the phlegm. Oh my god, I couldn't imagine if I were there to see it.

Parents are away for 10 days for holiday in China with grandma and relatives. I seriously respect working mothers who can still maintain the house so clean and tidy, what's more including washing and ironing clothes. Respect.

Money not enough. Everything around me is seductive. Lomo, fish eye, slr lens, iphone, new laptop, nike, lumix zr3, chef's knife, and I need new pants!

I need a holiday. And now, I need some sleep. Tired. Night.

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