Friday, May 28, 2010


Fuhh! I've lost the passion to blog. Once a frequent motion has turned into hibernation for months. Not only that but it seems like I've also lost much communications with my friends and family. At times I don't even see my parents for a couple of days even though we stay under the same roof. By the time I wake up they're already out to work, and by the time I come home they've already slept. Friends work office hours while I work till late. The only people I hang out now is colleagues during work. Really have to appreciate the moments you get to hang out with your pals.

Gonna head for Hatyai in 5 hours time. Time to clear some annual leaves as I've not touched a single day of my annual leaves until now. It was quite a dilemma to go or not to, due to some other equally important issue to me. But since it's a rare chance to go holiday with my parents and especially my baby sayang #1, I chose for the holiday. Plus, a total of 9 of us including 4 very elderly people (my grandma, my grandpa's brother and 2 sister in laws), my dad can't possibly take care all of them by himself as he has to take care of my mom and aunt and baby sayang too if I didn't go, so apart of going for holiday, I have to go to carry their stuff.

These few weeks had been busy at work. Loads of functions, and more to come. Lack of staff on the service side and I had to help out as a service associate for like one whole week. Well, not really keen on doing service but I guess it's part of the learning process too. Everyday you learn something new.

Seemed to be making a lot of mistakes these few weeks. Some at work, but mostly in personality wise. Seems that most of my actions hurt people a lot. Hmm, well, you made a mistake, then you are bound to get punishment. The punishment was miserable, to the extend that I cried at work... twice. The feeling was just horrible.

Better go get some sleep.

Gonna miss you.

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