Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Broga Hill posting postpone 1st :p


Today was grandpa's 1st year 'anniversary'. Took leave for this. Dad and I went for Cheng Beng for dad's side in the morning. Then went back to grandma's place for prayers in the afternoon. Surprisingly I didn't cry during the prayers, I'm amazed myself too. Grandma cried, for a couple of reasons. She's been a strong person throughout this whole year, guess she just can't hold on at that moment.

Didn't have much to do throughout the evening so my cousin and I went for a movie at MV. "Clash of the Titans". Nice. The casts were all so good looking and pretty. Gemma Arterton is hot! I like her. Even Medusa is pretty :p Then had dinner at grandma's again at night, everyone came. Dinner ended quite early, stayed for awhile and then we went home. All I can say is, things will never be the same again.

Couldn't sleep the night before, so sat up and wrote a letter for grandpa. Wonder if he's enjoying sightseeing around the world. Wonder if he's looking upon us from up above.

Someone said I have to learn to let go, then I won't be so down. Hmm, I guess I choose not to let go, because no matter it's a happy or sad memory, it means a lot to me. Precious ones. Be it just a meal at mamak or my 21st birthday celebration or whatsoever. Perhaps one day I will lose my memory, wouldn't remember a darn thing, or my friends and family. Gosh, that's scary, but doesn't mean it won't happen. Hmm, I need a ton of jokes to keep the emo-ness away.

-it's not the same without you-

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