Thursday, January 26, 2006

Phood again....

Just wanna intro a few outlets which I went to previously. The first one is Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao Restaurant, located in Ground Floor, Annexe Block of Lot 10. It it just adjacent to the Delifrance outside Lot10.

Nothing special about the decorations, but they have the open kitchen concept whereby guests can see how the chefs prepare the dim sums, the la mian (handmade pulled noodles) and other dishes.

They have specialties like the variety of La Mian dishes, the xiao long bao (meat dumplings with broth inside served in bamboo basket) and the dim sums... I ordered the Number 63, Wu Xi bla bla... It's a beef la mian, wah sai, i love it soooooooo much! The soup is rich in flavor and the beef pieces are sooooo juicy and tender! It's a bit spicy but absolutely fantastic... My family also ordered the xiao long bao, the vegetable dumpling la mian, la mian in chili oil (spicy betul!) etc... They also offer la mian with chicken, got dry fried la mian, and also cold appetizers like jelly fish, peking duck etc... And then if you order chinese tea can refill, other drinks no refill... (nyek nyek nyek, kiam sap la me)

The budget per person is about RM15 - RM20 la... But the bowl of noodles is big portion, at least it's worth the value.

Next stop, we go to a lower class one la hehe... This is a noodles restaurant also in OUG (Overseas Union Garden), it is called Restaurant Hong Cha... After you passed the BP station, turn to your right, and the restaurant is directly on your left. This restaurant serves very famous Seafood Noodle and Pork Noodle. They also have Japanese dishes like sushi, sashimi, tempura, sukiyaki etc. I forgot what's the reason they serve Jap cuisine already, hehe. Besides, they also serve porridge.

I like their Pork Mee Suah... The portion is big enough for me ;D and accompanied by enough servings of vege and pork meat... They have a self service counter whereby you can take the chili sauce and the pork fat (jue yao zhar) as much as you want! Hehe! Beverage wise, err, nothing much to recommend, I tried their 'Red Bean Ice' but, not nice one... My mum said it WAS nice the first time she tried it, because got coconut milk... Yesterday i tried, they use soya bean pulak! I was jokingly saying in cantonese 'No coconut milk (yie jiong) so use soya milk la (dao jiong), both also got the 'jiong' word mah!'

Budget per person is less than RM6 la (unless you order the sushi and stuff then of course different).

Then just a couple of doors away there's this restaurant that sells Curry Mee... I can't remember the shop name, i think is 'Ah Loy Restaurant' or something like that... They sell curry mee, curry chicken, curry 'pork skin' (jue pei)... Haven't try their curry mee before, just that yesterday my dad ordered the curry chicken and curry pork skin to the Restaurant Hong Cha... I will elaborate more next time when i tried k?

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