Sunday, January 08, 2006

Higher Diploma in Hotel Management

After two weeks of holiday, i already enrolled in Taylor's Higher Dip, and i chose Option B... Sigh, very scared lerr!!! Sounds really difficult!!! Just pray can pass ler!!! Why i choose Option B? Because i prefer practical and also cuisine... OPtion A is more to management... Well, just hope that i made the right choice ler... I'm just scared that i cannot deal with the pressure and want to quit halfway (i'm good at that!) hehe!


anju. said...

no matter how tough it gets, always remember that life asks from you what it knows you can handle. So don't worry, you're strong enough to handle anything.

and yeah,
your tmn desa friends will ALWAYS be here to help you out. always. no questions asked.

ass2006 said...

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