Sunday, January 08, 2006

31 December 2005 Countdown With Pinkies

Weeeee Happy New Year!!! Well, i know it's quite LATE to talk about it, but here it goes!

I spent my new year with the DFC Pinkies in Secret Recipe 1 Utama, and i can say that it's my best new year!!! Got to see the fireworks directly above my head, with so many wonderful friends!!!

I reach 1 Utama with Joanne, Julie, Pui Ling and Heather at 4pm, and lepak around until dinner time. Went to SR, and met Uncle Chong Kuang, Aunty Penny, Joanne, Jeannie, Dylan, Aunty Jean, Uncle Pingeye, Eu Jin, Eu Shen and other pinkies! Chit chat awhile and sit down for our meal... We were served Mushroom Soup, Spaghetti with Meatballs, Salad and brownies for dessert! The brownies were excellent!!!

Then we had games at the platform, spraying everybody with snow flakes (those can spray thingy), Eu Jin was the victim of the day, everybody just tend to spray him.. haha! Funny thing was Uncle Chong Kuang and Aunty Swan kena also! It was really funny!!! I wanna thank Ria and Ching Yee for joining us too!!! Hehe, really wasted you guys never join the dinner ler... hehe!

Too bad we got bad news just before the countdown, Daniel wasn't in the Top 5 position for Ai FM Sms Attack!! Grrrrr!!! The DJs said that we fraud the votes, so it's a form of punishment! Fineeee!!! Then we went to the upper platform to wait for the fireworks... Few minutes before 12am, we form a circle, and at 12am sharp, everybody spray their cans of spray, it was really fun!!! And we hugged everybody, and watched the 8 minutes fireworks... We even shouted to the air 'Daniel, Pinkies Love You!', and 'Daniel, Happy New Year!', and then we have a countdown huggies, i think Uncle Chong Kuang was really touched by that! It really shows the warmth of the pinkies family... sniff sniff! Hehe!

Then, we went for mamak session in Alam Suria with most of the pinkies until 3am... At first Daniel wanted to come over, then he realized that there were pinkies there, so he changed his mind (are pinkies that scary?), haha! Then we head home after a memorable day! Thanks everybody for making my new year so wonderful! I love you guys! Muaks muaks!

Countdown Huggies at 12.10am 1/1/2006
Credit to: Soursand DFC

Pinkies Group Pic... 31/12/2005
Credit to: Uncle Pingeye DFC

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Shin Sar said...

Ended 2005 and started 2006 with PINKIES was the best countdown that I ever had. Thanks for your cookies, too. Really delicious :P

I'm sure there'll be more PINKIES' events coming up. The only problem is how many can we catch up with?? :|

Heaven Knows :P