Sunday, February 17, 2008


Nothing much... saja wanna blog... nobody to chat with on MSN... lazy to do my work... sigh... Kau meang ah! Hou fan ah!

Brought my baby to see lion dance at Bangsar. Was late, managed to see half only. Luckily there's another round in BV2 so watch again. Telling everyone she's my daughter kekeke... She's sticking quite a lot to me these few days... *wub* getting smarter and smarter. Then went to MV with Ah Foo to collect my shoes. I bought the nike shoes with gold tick wahoo! Darn nice ;p (when it's white) Wear awhile sure get dirty then not nice dee sigh. Bought a pressie for aunt at Isetan. Got an oyster pearl and a pot of plant for free haha! Then we went to Paddington House Of Pancake because I was soooooo tempted looking at their menu! 138 types of dish for us to try! It will take me 138 days to go there! We had 'Tokyo' and 'Treasure Box' which was both darn good. And the portion is big enough haha! Worth it. Will definitely go again. There's this 'volvano' dish thingy that's for 10 person! I always thought Paddington serves only like normal sweet pancakes... mana tau they have salads, breakfast, lamb, duck, spring chicken, savoury and sweet ones! Their ice cream can tahan very long also won't melt one lor!

At night, went bowling with my baby, my bro, my aunt and uncle. It was aunt's bday. She invited everyone to go but all rejected. Sometimes feel so disappointed in them. Giving excuses like tired la, old dee la. I mean, it's someone's birthday, can't you all just go for the sake of the fun of it? Sigh. And, always argue and talking with those 'stabbing' meaning behind, it's just so annoying. Always complain and make noise just for small matters. I got double strike! Wu hu! End up I was the highest scorer 128 if I'm not mistaken ;P

Suddenly miss d1 very much ;( very very much... it's been 16 days since I last saw him. Feels like months. N i guess I won't be seeing him for like 1 month? 2 months? 3 months? Because there's no events yet. Used to see him for like every week? Even 3 days in a row? Sigh ;( maybe i'm just not used to not seeing him often.


Oh, did I tell u guys that I cracked and spoiled my phone screen, spoiled the phone camera, bang into someone's car and broke my house key all in one day? Sui sui sui~~~ It's just my luck that I didn't fall into a pile of shit.

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