Friday, February 15, 2008

I celebrate V Day too!

Who says V Day is only for couples? Erm, even though it's MEANT for couples. I see couples everywhere. Roses, chocolates, teddies, hearts, love. Was at 1u outlet today. Working. Suppose to reach at 9.30am but woke up late and was erm... late. Business was good today ;) Mostly couples of course... and one TV3 function. Everyone's mood was good somehow kekeke, and I had fun the whole day. Had lunch at Soho (food was ok), laughed like mad. Gave out some candies and chocolates to all staff and received some too! Thanks to "ah moi-ah moi sekalian" for the chocs, ang pows (I din know u girls are married haha!) and flowers, thanks Oties for the bear bear, thanks Angah for the 'lovely heart shape latte' (chiu~ all the while also got heart shape one la).

Initially, 3 of us planned to celebrate V Day together and take the Bakerzin Vday set dinner but the Nicolet had family dinner so only me and 'lalink' and Shiao Teng and Bao Yue eat lor. Omg, 4 soh pohs together, spoil the romantic ambience only. So pai seh, other couples all so romantic saying 'i lap u' and all we laugh laugh laugh like sakais. Cannot go out with u all anymore la. The set was a trio salad (pumpkin topped with crabmeat, seared tuna with wasabi dressing and grilled vege skewer), choice of chic, beef or seafood platter for main (i chose seafood which has one big local king prawn, scallops, dory and calamaries) and for dessert is selection of mini choc desserts (sweet pleasure, warm choc cake n cheese ice cream with choc krispies). Very very the filling. Forgot to bring my camera there so wait for Ivy to send me the pics.

Overall, I enjoyed my day pretty well. It's so nice everybody joking around and have fun. At least I don't have to worry about buying gifts or anything. Wakakaka!

I miss my baby... gonna bring my baby to see lion dance later yay! Happy belated Valentine's day everyone! Hope you too had a great day, be it celebrating with your bf/gf or just friends! I was listening to the radio yesterday and this gurl got dumped one day b4 valentine. Kesian. For hokkiens, happy Bai Tin Kong. And happy birthday to my aunt!!! Well wishes from the bottom of my heart ;)

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chingky said...

happy belated v-day!! hahah well at least u had a great v-day celebration!! i spent mine studying 4 mid term & come out the mid term was really shitty la...neways happy belated v-day! =D