Saturday, February 09, 2008

Not A Good Year To Start With :(

Gong Xi Fa Cai!
Wishing everyone abundance of joy, happiness, prosperity, luck, and money in the year of Ratatouille! Hehe!
Year year got fish, dragon horse steam god, and day day happy!

I looked forward to a fun celebration this year for CNY. I expected it to be exciting, fun and joyful. But it's hot, boring and unhealthy! Wua~!

Spent my CNY eve and the first two days at my grandma's place most of the time. My cousin and uncle from Aussie are here for the festival this year. Didn't gamble, didn't go shopping, didn't go for movies. So what the heck did I do at home? Watch TV. Thanks to YR for the whole list of tv programs, there are like so many nice shows this cny! It's like all the channels are competing to show the best of the best! I wish I have 6 tvs in my house to watch all. The worst was, there are like 3 nice shows on different channels at the same time. =_=" In addition, there's still the radio with nice songs and artistes calling in all the time!

Worst was, my new year didn't start off well. Not sure if it's the mixture of food I ate on cny eve, I vomitted everything out after I got home. Vomitted again the next morning. And suffered indigestion for the whole day and today. This morning was better but after dinner at night (I just ate a small plate of beef noodles!) I vomitted again. Kns... All this is Danny's sickness, why pass to me geh... (oopsie ;p touch wood touch wood) Really make my cny no mood. No mood to do my dissertation tim. Really want to give up liao. 2 more days it's the deadline already.

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