Saturday, May 13, 2006

Shining Friends

"Shining Friends" is a song sung by the Top 24 Project Superstar finalists... The original song is in Chinese, but i guess they modify it... Very meaningful lyrics and the MV is very touching... So nice to see 24 of them so close and happy together...

The lyrics:-

Shining Friends

A little faith
Brightens a rainy day
Life is difficult you can’t go away
Don’t hide yourselves in the corner
You have a place to stay

Sorrow is gonna say goodbye
Opens up you’ll see the happy sunshine
Keep going on with your dream
Chasing tomorrow’s sunrise
The spirit can never die

Sun will shine, my friend
Won’t let you cry, my dear
Seeing you shed a tear
Make my world disappear
You’ll never be alone in darkness

See my smile, my friend
We are with you holding hands
You have got to believe
You are my destiny
We’re meant to be your friends
That’s what a friend should be

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fiona said...

sev i've been looking for this i know the title.. but do u think i can download this song? what's the chinese version's title and by who?