Friday, August 03, 2012

C'est La Vie

C'est la vie, c'est la vie, c'est la vie.

Yes, this is life, this is life, this... is life.

What's up with me? Still alive. My hair's much longer now. Still as short (fun-sized, not short). Still drink once in awhile, more like every 2 days. Still yeemo. Still single. Still working in the same place.

Life's been treating me good. I'm still food hunting, travelling once in awhile, hanging out with my les amis (friends in French) when I get to. Seriously, time is not enough! One off day is not enough. On Sundays are the only day I can rest, and if you stay at home, you don't meet your friends. When you meet your family, you don't get to meet with your friends. When you meet with your friends, you don't get to eat with your family. And to meet with different group of friends, you need different Sundays, different times and a whole lot of Sundays, which I want to rest as well. And which I want to bake sometimes, or cook, or go exercise, or just do nothing and just hide under the blankets alone. And then I don't get to meet my friends. The circle goes round and round. And you just feel like doing different things with different people every time. And then my baking list goes longer and longer.

Not much photography done, my canon 1000d officially broke up with me, now I am using my brother's nikon, which I am not used to, and didn't spend time taking nice phood or pics.

Had a trip down South to Singapore few weeks back with my 6 buddies in secondary school. Went to Universal Studio to find my bumblebee, and went to a place called Timbre for dinner and drinks. With live band. Niceee. Any place like that in KL? Not blasting musics with the speaker right next to you and you can't even chat, but just a good live band with lots of beers.

Work wise, we strive and thrive, strike and survive. Everyday is a different story, a different chapter in our lives. We work, we learn, we teach, we learn through it and we listen. I compare a recent photo with a photo of the team back in 2009 when I first joined, the circle is a new circle now. Different people, different attitudes, different mindsets, different personalities. Those were the days I missed.

These few days I heard a lot of opinions and thoughts on relationships, women, men. Really a lot. What women think about men and what men think about women. You don't hint men. They don't get hints. They are straight forward people. Women think too much, even if you are straight forward, they think you are saying something else. Singles envy couples, but doesn't mean every couple are that happy after all. Of course MOST of them do, lovey dovey and sweet all the time, but sometimes you will be surprised when it feels stagnant, or how it's out of your expectation when you hear what women and men said or feel. People say long term stagnant relationships don't last, but I have various friends who are as sweet as ever. I guess it's that people feel bored after sometime and both need to put in sparks once in awhile, both have to put in efforts in it. In one, I act as a middle person but not wanting to interrupt anything at all. In another, I wish I can help but it's none of my business at all. Love is blind, oh yes I totally agree. Really blind. Love can make you do all sorts of things. Things that you feel so happy about. Yet it can also make you suffer like hell. You might be scolding 'be more rational! Use your brain!' you need to use both your brain and heart to feel and think, but often when you see the situation, you really don't know what you can feel or think at all.

Well, we feel happy is because things happened as we expect it to be, or more than what we expect it to be. And we feel sad or disappointed is when the thing didn't go our way that we wanted it to be. Expect the unexpected. My quote of life. It happened many many times to me. And I really, really have to agree to it. Be grateful, expect the least. Humans always have expectations, it's impossible that people don't expect anything at all. I'm learning my way to expect the least, and trust me, you'd be much happier like that. Much, much, much happier. Complain less, enjoy more, and if it doesn't go my way, it's fate, what can you do? Just live on and there's definitely other options. If I lose my job one day, even if I work as a dish washer, a ticket vendor or whatever, I still earn some!

Definitely being single for so long I do envy and feel lonely and for sure would like to have someone with me, but we can't force our way into it. I always believe in fate, and still waiting for the right one to find me.

Nowadays you hear so much, wayyyyy too much cases on rapes, robberies, thefts, murders. Argh... what's wrong with you people! You have hands, go work your own living! They didn't kill your family, why kill people! Even if they did kill your family, you don't have to be a murderer! And rapists, go satisfy yourself with someone else la! If you want to rob, just rob! Don't have to rape or kill! Grrr. If want to rob also rob richer people. May the lights guide you all. Sigh. So saddening. And you all are not making things interesting! You all are making the world a worse place to be!

I have so many things and projects that I want to do, but ... may I have the strength to keep them going on till I realize all these desires?

I shall go grab a drink and then get some sleep. Going for a trip with my friends to Kampar and Cameron this weekend. Till we meet again.

Good night.

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