Sunday, August 26, 2012

Busy Week

For the first time, I am so so so relieved that the week is over.

Chef was on leave the whole week, and continuously busy for the whole week. All sorts of special orders, all sorts of unwanted orders. It's just funny that when there's not enough staff they still wanna take in so many guests.

Attended the Going Green Live 2012 concert last week during Raya holidays. It's been a long while since I last see him. Well, not that I see him in near distance. I was sitting quite far away from the stage. And a very nice 'spot' near the stairs. Saw a lot of girls with heavy make up. He performed Yi Qi Dao Gao, Beutiful Onederful and Shi Jie Bu Hui Mo Ri. Hmm, somehow, something different. He sang the songs well, he performed well with Da Monster too, but, I guess it's because there was something lacking that he didn't manage to bring it out. He didn't joke a lot, he was... quiet. Just sing only. Didn't really joke. Maybe because it's not his own's show.

Went to Luna Bar the other day. We have been saying to go there for years. Finally we manage to go. Well, it's not as total classy as it sounded, in fact it felt hot and humid. But definitely it's a nice place! Romantic place for couples. Nice place to get tipsy. There was a couple we saw that might be, erm, 'curi makan'? :p

Where's the light at the end of the tunnel? Where's the love story that I always read/watch in novels or movies? :( I feel numb. How do couples live so happily together?

So looking forward for my long holidayyyyyyyy... but still so long more.

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