Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Gift of Life

The most precious thing on earth... is to have a newborn... to give life to someone... to nourish and care for that someone... that small little angel... something that is so fragile to hold that you're scared you'll break her bones...

Well wishes and congrats to my dearest friend Mei Ling on the birth of her little princess Benize.

Went to FHM'09 (Food and Hotel Malaysia) which is held bi-annually. Ony went for like one hour during split shift. But manage to see Chef Chong and chat for awhile :) Didn't really browse through everything but just took a few shots of stuffs over there.

Satay machine

I missed out this but it seemed to be the talk of the whole FHM. A gold winner with distinction, meaning it scored 100 points... The only one I think. (Picture credit: Roderick Wong)

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