Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bidor 190709

It was an eye opening, stomach filling, sweaty hot trip. Dad's friend decided to bing us for a day trip to Bidor to look around. I have not gone into a plantation before, and I've not seen sooooooooo many mango trees, tapioca plants in my life before. Fantastic trip indeed. Learnt a lot, and even plucked our own ciku and nangka to eat!

Started our trip at 8am, slept all the way in the car. Dad used the old road to go to Bidor, passing by Sungkai and Trolak. Reach Bidor town around 10am and stopped by at Pusat Makanan Mee Wah for wan tan mee.

Uncle Yap (dad's friend) told us that the lady works non-stop cooking the mee from the time the stall opens until closing. As we sat down and order and eat, it was true that she did not stop down at all. One hand cooking and flipping the noodles in the boiling water, the other hand arranging the plates.

Slightly different from KL wan tan mee. Less dark soy sauce. The serving size is not that big, so it's just right for breakfast/brunch portion. And the wan tan is good!

Saw a pomelo plant and some different chili plant outside the food court. Cute! First time seeing these plants.

Next, we proceed to a new village called "Cold River New Village" 冷水河新村. Don't ask me why the name, but there must be some interesting stories behind :) Heard it used to be a very lively town, with a beautiful landscaped park at the entrance of the village, but now not being taken care of. It's situated about 5km away from the Bidor town.

Makan time again! "Thunder Tea" (lui char 擂茶) at Restoran Sui Lee 水利茶餐室.

The 'mortar' used in olden days to make the 'tea' paste. Modern use blender.

Curry chicken... so so...

The condiments for the thunder tea.

This is thus the best best BEST lui char I've ever eaten. The vege smell is not strong, not like some. Healthy, pleasant taste, fragrant, lovely, DELICIOUS!!!

Then we head to Uncle Yap's parents house. They have some tapioca plants, papaya tree and potato plants at their residence. So cool!

Pineapples at Uncle Yap's friend's house.

I think most of them really make full use of empty lands... planting veges, food, fruits and even making own detergents!

Then, he brought us to visit the plantations nearby. It was the first time that I actually see plantations. There were abundance of tapioca plants, mango trees, long beans, lady's fingers, kedondong, bittergourd etc.

I think this was long bean.

Mango trees!

Can you see the bird nests on the tree. Plenty of it. Uncle Yap told us that the nest is weaved by the male birds to attract female birds to mate. If it's a nest of a tear-drop shape, means the male bird is still looking for a mate. If there's a protuding nest underneath means it has succeeded in finding a partner. That hollow space is for the female to lay eggs.

Kedondong (sah-lei)

Tapioca plants

Can you see the lady's finger? Next to the flower in the center.

Wild nangka tree. We plucked a huge one from here!

I don't know what gourd is this called... all I know it's often used in indian cuisine.

We then visited Mrs. Yap's sister's plantation, which was quite run down, I think it was left there without anyone taking care of it. Many of the plantations were the same, weeds metres tall, fruits rotting, what a waste.

At first glance it looked like white rocks, but they're actually spoiled melons... Not sure what, but looked like winter melon.

The flower of the above melon.

Ciku tree!


Dragon fruit

Limau purut

Rambutan tree

House for the swallows to make birds nest!

So hot and sweaty! We then went back to Uncle Yap's house again to eat nangka! HUGE nangka! but yummy!

To end our trip, we head to Pun Chun for the famous wu kok and duck leg noodles... Kinda disappointed with the noodles, jatuh standard kao kao... but the wu kok is yummy stuff!

Interesting trip indeed. If only we went to Teluk Intan for chee cheong fun at night. That would be superbly perfect.

I heart traveling! I heart seeing new things! Heart heart heart. Any trip in the future please include me ya? Hehehe...


Shin Sar said...

How about oil palm plantation? I can bring you for Teluk Intan Chee Chung Fun too :P

Was the duck leg noodles that bad? The last time I ate it was still yummy!!

Eve Lynn said...

Haha will go oil palm plantation if got chance...

Compare to the time I ate long time ago, it was bad la... Preference la I guess...